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Plate Carrier Accessories 

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    Plate carrier accessories - versatile and customized

    Plate carriers are an essential piece of equipment in many military, tactical and civilian applications. They provide an important protective function by holding ballistic plates that can protect against dangerous threats such as gunshot or stab wounds. Zentauron models are among the highest quality on the market and offer a wide range of options to equip your plate carrier systems with appropriate accessories.

    Plate Carrier Accessories: What You Need to Know

    Choosing the right plate carrier system and accessories is critical to ensuring you are optimally protected in any situation. This category offers a wide selection that can help you improve the comfort, protection, and even expansion of Molle areas.

    Accessories for wearing comfort

    If you need to wear your plate carrier for extended uses, it's important that it fits comfortably and isn't too burdensome. Shoulder pads and internal cushions can help improve comfort and distribute weight more evenly. They can be easily attached to your plate carrier and are available in a variety of styles to meet your needs.

    Accessories for more protection

    In addition to the ballistic plates in the front and rear pockets of the plate carrier, Zentauron offers additional ballistic sleeves for the upper arms and neck. These can be easily attached to the plate carrier and increase protection against threats. The lower body protector and the PC Dropdown Pouch can also help to improve protection.

    Expansion of the Plate Carrier System

    Expanding your Plate Carrier System can also mean carrying additional armament or ammunition. The Molle area on your equipment can be used to attach additional pouches or magazine holders. The Vulcan III plate carriers can even be expanded with a Battle Belt adapter to provide more carrying comfort. With the different extensions you can customize your plate carrier setup to your needs and requirements.

    Inexpensive plate carriers at a fair price

    If you want to buy plate carriers, you quickly reach your limits in terms of price. Zentauron offers a wide range of Plate Carrier systems and accessories at an affordable price. Whether you need this for military or civilian applications, Zentauron combines high quality with fair prices.

    Molle loops: An important component of the plate carrier accessories

    Molle loops are an important component of plate carrier accessories. They allow the wearer to attach additional pieces of equipment, such as bags, holsters or radios, to their plate carrier for quick and easy access.

    The Molle loops are made of sturdy nylon and provide a secure and stable way to attach accessories. At the same time, the loops are arranged in such a way that they allow flexible attachment of the equipment and the carrier can place them in the optimal positions for him. Thus, each carrier can individually adapt his plate carrier to his needs.

    Quick repair included

    Which accessories you use for your Plate Carrier System depends entirely on your preferences and specifications. To ensure its long-term usability, Zentauron offers repair kits in this category, such as the Quick-Release ROC Buckle 40.