Plate Carrier Accessories 

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    Plate carrier accessories

    The plate carrier is the basis to fix and transpose the most different pieces of equipment. For the plate carriers of Zentauron there are different possibilities to extend them. Products are available to improve carrying comfort, protection and to extend the Molle area.

    Accessories for wearing comfort

    Depending on the mission, protection levels and the equipment needed can vary greatly. Heavy weight and long periods of use affect the wearer's performance.

    To improve the wearing comfort we offer different shoulder pads and inner pads. These can be easily attached to the plate carrier as needed. The inner pads also provide better ventilation, which is an advantage especially in very hot areas of use.

    Accessories for more protection

    The tactical plate carriers accommodate hard ballistics, soft ballistics and trauma protection in the front and rear plate pockets. The cummerbund is used to protect the sides of the body. Thus, the most important areas are protected.

    The Zentauron plate carriers can be additionally extended with ballistic sleeves for the upper arms and neck. These sleeves can be easily attached to the carrier and accommodate soft ballistics. For groin protection, the classic groin protector can be attached to the plate carrier. A combination of pouch and groin protection is offered by the PC Dropdown Pouch.

    Extension of the Plate Carrier System

    You have the option to directly expand the Zentauron Plate Carrier models with coordinated Molle Panels and Magazine Flaps.

    Individual components, such as the shoulder strap or cummerbund can be easily replaced or exchanged.

    The Vulcan III plate carriers are designed so that you can expand them with an adapter with the Battle Belt. This extension completes the plate carrier setup and increases the carrying comfort even more. Many of the expansion options are attached to the plate carrier via Velcro or Molle loops.