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protective vests 

    Protective vest covers

    Here you will find the Zentauron vest covers and extensions for your personal safety. The vests are made of robust materials, which are designed for daily use by the police and armed forces.

    Zentauron protective vests are primarily designed as military protective vests, police protective vests and protective vests for rescue forces. Protective vest covers can be worn both officially for duty, as well as privately.

    The materials such as fabric and webbing are made according to the German TL or American Mil Spec. Standard used. The covers understand themselves as a basic carrier, which can be extended depending upon activity and requirement with accessories and. Thus they have the possibility their personal protective vest system to put together.

    The clear function of these vests is to save lives, prevent serious injuries and carry the mission equipment. Before buying a protective vest, the user should think about what kind of threat he has to expect and what kind of ballistic protection is needed.

    In this category you will find our covers, which serve as a basis for their protection concept

    Extension to a ballistic vest

    For the extension to a bulletproof vest we have in the Zentauron online store suitable ballistics for their protective vest. You can expand your vest according to the German protection class SK1 up to a SK4 protection vest or according to the American standard NIJ. The difference between these two protection classes is explained here in the blog.

    As a further option, they have the possibility to expand their vest with a neck guard and upper arm protection, abdominal protection. These components can be easily attached to the vest as required. Here we also offer them the appropriate ballistic.

    The sleeves can be extended to a ballistic protection vest, only now the vest has the function of a so-called bulletproof vest or a bulletproof vest. The term bulletproof and bulletproof leaves much but room for interpretation. In order to accurately evaluate the protective effect of hard and soft ballistics, it is better to look at bullet data and trauma values for suitability.

    More about ballistics and protection classes can be found on this page.

    Molle accessories for vests

    Our tactical vests are equipped with the modular lightweight load carrying equipment, short Molle system. With this system you can adapt your vest individually to your way of working and equip it with Molle pockets.

    In the Zentauron online store you can find these categories.

    • Different magazine pouches
    • First aid pouches / IFAK pouches
    • Multi-purpose pouches

    Due to the Molle system, Molle pouches from other manufacturers can also be attached to the protective vest.