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Velcro pouches 

    Interior organization with Velcro pouches

    With Zentauron Velcro pockets, Velcro modules and interior pockets, we offer an individual way to organize equipment in backpacks and bags. For example, you can organize medical equipment, tools, small parts, devices or equipment in the backpack perfectly and clearly.

    As it can be heard out by name, these bags and modules are all attached to a carrier with fleece velcro via heel velcro, which is located on the back. The material we use is designed for durability and adhesive strength.

    The bags and modules are suitable for example:

    • Military backpacks
    • Rescue backpacks civil
    • military rescue backpacks
    • larger pockets with velcro
    • special waist bags and hip bags
    • EDC shoulder bags and corss bags

    Inner pockets with velcro for backpacks

    With the Zentauron inner pockets can organize their Medic equipment easily by type treatment. A refill can happen so with prepared bags. This makes the process much faster. The bags are stackable and have a clear lid. So you have a visual control of the content at a glance.

    The Zentauron Velcro bags and modules support you in your organization, save time and help to develop routines in the procedures.