Magazine Pouches

Ammunition is an indispensable component in the use of weapons and should therefore be carried safe and functional. Find for your mission and your weapon the right magazine pouches.

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  • Quick draw magazine...

    Modern tactics by military and police missions have changed in the last years and therefore the demands to the equipment. Very often the first seconds are deciding. Very important requirements are the rapid magazine change, therefore we have developed our quick draw magazin pouches. With this series, we support you in the deciding moments, where you haveto be very quick. You can find versions for G36, M4, P8 and many otherrifles and pistols.

  • Velcro Magazine Pouches

    Here you will find our magazine pouches, which can be attached with velcro. These magazine pouches can be found, for example, in Ballistic Cummerbunds or in the Kangaroo Pouches of the Vulcan Plate Carrier series.

  • Dump Bags

    This simple, but effective equipment item allows soldiers, policemen and sportshooters to keep things, that are not needed, have to be set aside or have to be collected at the moment. Dump bags and pouches create additional stowage. No matter, whether empty magazines in the firefight or items during a search, our dump bags will take them for you.

  • Grenade Pouches

    There are dozens of different types of grenades, that have been developed for a wide range of applications. Prior to each use, the safe storage and transport of these important, but also dangerous means of action is important. Smoke, splitter, glare grenades as well as all others are used under very different circumstances. Our grenade pouches are designed to support safe transportation and use.

  • Multislot Series

    Behind the name "Multislot" is hidden an additional insertion, which is fixed to the back of the pouches. If necessary, the slot offers additional space, where for example a radio transmitting set or different velcro pouches or velcro holsters can be set in. The bags are fastened with Molle clips, which are included in the delivery. The multislots are made as usual from robust Cordura® and belt according to TL.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 39 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 39 items