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Tactical plate carrier 

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    Plate carrier Vuclan III with full equipment in German Flecktarn

    Tactical Plate Carrier

    Zentauron tactical plate carriers are one of the most reliable tactical gear today in ballistic protection. Wearing a plate carrier vest can mean the difference between life and death. Unlike other vests with built-in protective elements, these have more customizability. You can choose the amount of protection you want by placing the body armor plates within certain pockets and side panels. This allows you to create a balance of protection and lightweight.

    Tactical vests like these are a primary option in law enforcement. They are also one of the most popular options among military personnel. You can find a high-quality armor plate carrier in various sizes in our shop. We also have options to add upgrades, filling all the needs for your tactical plate carrier.

    An Alternative to the Bulletproof Vest

    Bulletproof vests offer much protection, but the advantage of a plate carrier is its flexibility. Even a full-sized tactical plate carrier has the versatility to accommodate features that provide comfort to the wearer. For example, when one feels exposed, they can add sized plates to the front and back pockets. They also have an emergency drag handle which allows the wearer to attach an injured person and help drag them out while they provide cover.

    The tactical plate carriers in our store have MOLLE webbing. This feature allows the vest to carry different equipment and attachments. You can also choose hook and loop closures or straps for comfort. The result is that you can have a plate that’s optimal for your mission.

    With plates, you can have the protection needed against expected threats. For example, you can have plates that protect you against rifles or one that helps against close combat encounters.

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    Can Civilians Use a Tactical Plate Carrier?

    No federal law bans civilians from owning body armor like plate carriers. When there is a security threat, you’d want to have one ready. The only people that aren’t allowed to buy these items are convicted felons. However, there are some exceptions. You’ll still want to check state regulations to see if they prohibit purchasing or owning one.

    Civilians that work in higher-risk environments may want to own one or have one stored ready. The increase in shooting incidents also warrants an investment in protection. This provides peace of mind as they go about work or other activities. You can even get a carrier with shoulder pads and side plates. Some examples of civilians purchasing body armor include:

    • Private security
    • Fitness enthusiasts
    • VIPs
    • Preppers
    • Cosplayers and LARPers
    • Survivalists
    Zentauron Plate Carrier with additional equipment in German Flecktarn Camo

    Why Do I Need a Tactical Plate Carrier?

    The most common reason anyone would purchase a plate carrier is for safety. Some professions require constant protection due to the threats they face. However, there are also many other uses for it. Here are some of the most common reasons people buy tactical plate carriers:

    • LARP (live-action role-playing) or cosplay events.
    • Protection from projectiles (airsoft, paintball, etc.).
    • Protection from knives.
    • Added safety when hunting or sports shooting.
    • You can add or remove plates, perfect for exercises and fitness routines.

    When the tactical plate carrier ticks more than one of these boxes, you may want to purchase one. Having one will allow you to move forward with your job or hobbies, making it a good investment. There might even be other uses you can think of for it.

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    The Advantages of Zentauron Tactical Plate Carriers

    All Zentauron Tactical Plate Carriers prioritize safety and ease of movement. Each feature is easily accessible, making it easy for you to access gear even in the most intense situations. There are different sizes and features available to fit your needs. You can have adjustable weight/tension bands, more airflow panels, and many other unique features.

    Apart from that, these tactical plate carriers come with longevity in mind. You’ll get high-quality materials that are abrasion resistant, and to know that your vest will be reliable in an emergency.

    We also offer different patterns and colors to match your tastes. Discover the perfect fit for you and one that will have everything you need during use.


    Zentauron soft ballistics VPAM3 protection against handguns

    Things to Consider When Choosing a Plate Carrier

    Several categories classify plate carriers. Considering each of them will help you find the right one for you. Ultimately, you want to reduce discomfort while providing adequate protection during regular use. Here are some of the factors you need to consider:

    • Protection Level: NIJ protection levels are classifications for ballistic vests. They let you know what kind of caliber bullet they can stop.
    • Size: The vest must be suitable for your size to help you move uninhibited.
    • Weight: The weight of the vest must be comfortable or adequate for your intended use.
    • Armor types: Tactical plate carriers come in hard or soft varieties. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

    We offer some of the most affordable vests in the market. Browse our wide selection and get the gear you need.



    Is a chest rig different from a plate carrier?

    A chest rig is a piece often found in plate carriers. It features a group of pouches to help add functionality.

    Will a plate carrier stop bullets?

    A plate carrier will not stop a bullet by itself. You need to insert body armor plates with the proper protection level for them to be useful.

    Can you wear a plate carrier in public?

    It depends on the state regulations in your area. Some private facilities may also prohibit it, so always check before wearing one.

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    Zentauron Plate Carriers provide comfort and protection, having undergone thorough quality control. This quality handmade gear comes from some of the best crafters in Germany. Browse our shop today to get all the tactical gear items you need.

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