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Helmet covers 

    Tactical helmet cover

    The helmet covers are primarily used for military operations by soldiers and special forces.

    The cover for the tactical helmet is made of hard-wearing Cordura. The material is equipped with IRR camouflage for use in night operations. Depending on the type, there are Velcro pockets on the outside for attaching IR patches, IR markers and other items to the helmet cover

    Well-known Cordura as the outer shell

    The basis of our helmet covers is the hard-wearing Cordura fabric. If you are familiar with our online store or have already read our blog posts, then you will probably know this material primarily for its durability and abrasion resistance. However, it is also equipped for camouflage during night operations.

    Every Bundeswehr helmet cover from Zentauron is equipped with Velcro surfaces so that, depending on the type, IR (infrared reflection) / NIR (near-infrared) patches can be attached - this of course also applies to other objects that you want to attach to it. Who knows what ideas are floating around in your head? Whatever you have in mind, Cordura gives your helmet the right outer skin.

    Adaptable to any environment

    The following applies to tactical equipment in the field: always remain adaptable and variable - or as Bruce Lee once said, "Be water, my friend". As we also like to live by this premise, our helmet covers make it possible to adapt the camouflage depending on the operational environment.

    So, are you out and about in dense woodland, arid steppes or desert regions? No problem, with our Bundeswehr helmet covers, your helmet adapts to its surroundings like a chameleon. We offer you a wide range of colors and patterns, including

    • Three-color camouflage print / tropical camouflage or desert camouflage
    • Five-color camouflage print / spot camouflage (the classic)
    • Stone gray olive
    • Multicam

    With this selection, you will always find the right Bundeswehr helmet cover - regardless of the area of operation.

    Everything for the ballistic combat helmet of the future

    The days of the old, clunky and heavy steel helmet are slowly but surely over (hopefully). Modern ballistic combat helmets are generally designed in such a way that, in addition to providing protection, they also allow night vision devices and other essential tactical equipment to be fitted.

    We therefore have the right helmet cover for the so-called high cut shape, which allows the wearing of active hearing protection with a headset. This helmet cover is perfectly matched to the OPS Core / Fast helmet - always and constantly modern, just right for the ballistic combat helmet of tomorrow!

    Soldier-proof fastening - uncomplicated and secure!

    Even the best helmet cover won't do you any good if you don't know how to attach it. You may laugh or at least smile, but there's a lot that can go wrong - even if the consequences are more amusing than dangerous.

    To ensure absolute soldier safety, fitting the helmet covers is extremely simple and secure. Thanks to the high-quality Velcro fastener, which is available both on the cover and as a self-adhesive counterpart for the helmet, the cover can be attached quickly and easily and always offers a secure fit.

    Conclusion: everything you need on your head

    The helmet covers from Zentauron are intended to be more than just a simple addition to military or police equipment. Rather, our intention is to see them as an essential element that raises tactical flexibility, protection and camouflage to a higher level and makes the mission safer for you - just like the best Bundeswehr helmet covers!

    For this reason, we have opted for a combination of hard-wearing Cordura, versatile camouflage options and well thought-out design. This means that you, as a member of the armed forces, can choose the Bundeswehr helmet cover that best suits you and your purpose.

    So go ahead, take a look around our category and find the model that suits you best! Would you like to find out more about tactical equipment, the outdoors and many other topics? Then take a look at our blog, where you're sure to learn something useful!