Helmet Covers 

    Tactical helmet cover

    The helmet covers are primarily used for military operations of soldiers and special forces.
    The cover for the tactical helmet is made of durable Cordura. The material is equipped with IRR camouflage for use in night operations. Depending on the type, there are Velcro areas on the outside for attaching IR patches, IR markers and other items to the helmet cover.

    Helmet camouflage

    Helmet camouflage is as important as for the other part of the equipment. By using it, you can adapt the camouflage to the different environments. For example, the helmet can be adapted with the cover to the environment in the forest or even to the environment in steppes or desert regions. All covers are IRR / NIR equipped to ensure camouflage on the helmet even under night vision conditions.

    The standard colors for helmet covers are:

    • Three color camouflage print / German tropical camouflage
    • 5 colors camouflage print / German Flecktarn
    • Stone Gray olive
    • Multicam

    Helmet cover for the ballistic combat helmet

    In contrast to the classic round helmet shape, modern light or even heavy combat helmets accommodate night vision devices and other equipment. The so-called High Cut Form allows the wearing of active hearing protection with headset. Zentauron offers for this helmet type the helmet cover, which is optimized for the OPS Core / Fast.

    Fastening to the helmet

    The cover is attached to the ballistic helmet via Velcro. On the inside of the helmet cover is a Velcro surface. The counterpart is a self-adhesive Velcro tape that is attached to the helmet. So the helmet cover can be easily attached to the helmet. The Velcro is included in the delivery.