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IFAK pouches 

    IFAK Pouches for your tactical gear

    In this category you will find the Zentauron IFAK Pouches, in which you can organize your first aid equipment. The bags are made of durable Cordura. For attachment, the bags are available in MOLLE, Velcro or with a belt attachment.

    These Individual First Aid Kits, IFAK for short, are bags with which you can safely transport bandages, hemostatic agents, plasters, scissors and tourniquets and much more. Safely transport. With the bags, you always have your personal first aid equipment within reach.

    With the assembled IFAK kits, they can quickly treat injuries with the available medical resources and provide first aid. The larger bags such as the Trauma IFAK Pouch can, for example, also be equipped with a tourniquet and thus support the life-saving immediate measures.


    Molle system, Velcro and belt

    The different models of Zentauron can be attached to numerous pieces of equipment. The pouches with belt attachment are suitable for attachment to the belt or even to the mission belt. The Molle IFAK 's can be attached to tactical equipment such as battle belts, plate carriers or protective vests that have MOLLE / PAL loops.

    With the special Velcro-based pouches and adapters for MOLLE and belts, they can quickly pass their first aid equipment to other helpers.

    The IFAK Pouches are ideal as an additional pouch on plate carriers, protective vests and MOLLE backpacks. This way, you can always carry your personal first aid equipment with you and quickly treat minor injuries.

    IFAK pouches are not only for professional users, in the German armed forces and police. They are also used by first responders in the civilian sector. The bags can also be worn in private as a small first aid bag on a backpack or belt.

    Material and processing

    The materials we use are made of robust fabric and webbing. Webbing and fabric are matched and according to TL or mil Spec. These visible components are IRR equipped. With these materials and by the solid processing, the bags of Zentauron are durable and protect the environment.

    What should be in an IFAK pouch?

    Depending on the design of their personal Medic pouch, and their knowledge, these components should be included in IFAK pouch.  With this selection, they can quickly provide first aid to themselves and others.

    • Tourniquet
    • Wendl tube
    • Relief needle
    • Chest Seal occlusive dressing
    • Emergency bandage, large
    • Emergency blanket
    • Disposable gloves
    • Resuscitation towe
    • Rescue Scissors
    • Nitrile gloves

    Example Video: Training with the Zentauron IFAK pouch | Rescue and treatment of an injured person