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Backpack Accessories 

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    Backpack accessories for inside and outside

    With the backpack accessories from Zentauron they have the possibility to expand their backpack inside, as outside and thus optimally adjust to the intended use.
    The accessory pockets and also the inside pockets can be used manufacturer overlapping to all backpacks with Molle system and Velcro surfaces.
    With these additional pockets and modules, the luggage can be organized even better and facilitates the handling of the equipment on duty, at work and during leisure time.

    Backpack accessory pockets

    With the Molle-based accessory pockets you can equip your backpack individually with additional pockets and provide for additional transport volume. The bags can be easily attached to the Molle system of the backpack in just a few steps. If the use changes, side pockets or Molle pouches can be retrofitted very quickly.

    Special accessories

    Some of our backpacks have accessories tailored to the model. For example, there are special additional pockets with zippers for the mission backpack Specialized. As an additional extension, the padded hip belts are available for the Specialized Operations Backpack and the Rescue Backpack ZFR and also its civilian variant HVO.

    Backpack interior

    For backpack models that have Velcro interior pockets, we have various Velcro pockets (link), Velcro modules and interior pockets that can be used for easy organization. They can hold a wide variety of equipment and medic items. These modules can be quickly and securely attached, and removed from the backpack system for refilling.  

    Small parts & spare parts

    Especially small parts have the characteristic that they get lost in the course of time. For this reason we offer chest straps, rubber pulse, or even waist straps as spare parts. As a small and useful fastening option on the Molle belts we have U-Clips in our assortment. These U-shaped plastic parts with metal clip are excellent for attaching various items to the backpack.