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Authority discount

This discount of 15% is only valid for official institutions and their members and will only be granted on inquiry and inspection.
To ask for the authority discount follow the process of legitimation. You can use this PDF document:

Authority discount form Download

Process of legitimation for authority discount

1. Register as user in our online shop

2. Fill out the authority discount form and send it to us.

3. You get a message from us as soon as the discount is activated for you.

4. Your online shop account is now granted the authority discount (the discount will be shown in the shopping cart if you are logged in)

* Please notice that orders can not get the discount retroactive.

Professional groups and groups of persons who can get the authority discount

  • Police and Custom Authorities
  • Military Personnel
  • Medical Service Personnel
  • Ambulance Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Fire Brigades (inclusevly volunteer fire brigades)
  • Technical Emergency Services
  • Water Rescue Services, Lifesaving Personnel