Body Armour for protective vests and plate carriers.

    In this category you will find the right protective packages for your use, matching the Zentauron waistcoat covers and plate carriers. Ballistic protective equipment has a trauma-inhibiting effect according to the protection class and thus offers increased protection from bullets, blades and spikes.
    The soft ballistics we offer have been tested by the manufacturers and certified either according to the American standard NIJ or the German standard SK or VAPM.

    With our premium soft ballistics we offer a truly through-certified lightweight and flexible ballistic with excellent trauma values that provides effective protection against knives, thorns, needles, fragments, pistol ammunition.
    With SK4 ballistic panels or standalone panels, they can upgrade their ballistic waistcoat and protect the body from large calibre projectiles.

    Their tactical carrying system such as bulletproof vests and plate carriers thus provide the best possible protection against many dangers while on duty.
    Here you will find our range of ballistic protective equipment with which you can protect yourself in various dangerous situations.