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    Ballistics: Safety with ballistic plates and inserts

    Ballistic inserts for protective vests and plate carriers

    In the Ballistics category at Zentauron you will find the appropriate ballistic inserts for your protective vests and plate carriers. Depending on the protection class, our ballistic protective equipment has a trauma-inhibiting effect and thus provides increased safety from bullets, blades and thorns. Because bulletproof plates alone are often not enough, we also provide flexibility in application with a variety of materials.

    Certified quality according to international standards

    Our offered soft ballistic inserts have been tested by renowned manufacturers and are certified either according to the American standard NIJ or according to the German standard SK or VPAM. With our premium soft / soft ballistics, we offer actual certified, lightweight and flexible ballistics with excellent trauma values. It is these inserts that provide effective protection against knives, thorns, needles, fragments and pistol ammunition.

    Upgrading with SK4 ballistic plates and standalone plates

    By using SK4 ballistic plates or stand alone plates, you can further upgrade your ballistic vest and protect your body from large caliber projectiles. These plates for plate carriers are specially designed to provide even higher protection and can be used in combination with our in-house vest sleeves and plate carriers, among others.

    Optimum protection in the field

    Your tactical carrying system, such as bulletproof vests and plate carriers, provides you with the best possible protection against numerous hazards while on duty. Our certified products guarantee you professional protection even in the most serious of combat situations in the field.

    Discover our range of ballistic protective equipment

    In the ballistics category, you will find a wide range of high-quality ballistic inserts and plates to meet your individual requirements. Our ballistic protective equipment offers you safety and confidence in any situation. Choose the right products and equip yourself in the best possible way to meet the requirements of your mission.

    Invest in your safety and discover our selection of ballistic protection equipment now. With Zentauron, you'll be well equipped to meet the challenges of duty or dangerous situations with confidence.

    SK4 Vest buy? With us you will find the right ballistic equipment for your needs.