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Weapon accessories 

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Zentauron equipment on the shooting range

Weapon accessories - everything for the shooting sports and serious cases

For shooting sports and serious cases, weapons and their accessories are indispensable. In this category of Zentauron you will find, among other things, robust and durable products designed for carrying and transporting weapons and ammunition. Whether for safe transport or for comfortable carrying during shooting training, in this category you will find a wide range of gun accessories for your needs.

Weapon transport: Safe stowage of ammunition and weapons

For safe and lawful transportation of ammunition we offer lockable ammunition bags. These bags are specifically designed for ammunition transport and provide ample space for your ammunition supplies. The ammunition bags can be individually marked with patches to ensure quick identification of the ammunition.

Additionally, we offer lockable bags for handguns and soon long guns. These bags provide safe transportation and protection from damage as well as theft. Our gun bags are robust, durable and offer sufficient space for gun, magazines and accessories.

Weapon carrying comfort: Comfortable carrying of weapons

For easy carrying of long guns we offer rifle straps. These rifle straps have soft padding and can be worn comfortably for a long period of time. The rifle sling is adjustable to fit anybody size.

For users of target optics, we offer specially designed protective bags. These bags protect the optics and make it easier to transport the rifle for shooting training. The protective bags are padded and offer additional protection against damage.

Tactical weapon accessories: Prepared for the serious case

We offer tactical weapon accessories for serious situations. Here you'll find products like tactical pistol holders, tactical magazine holders and tactical cartridge holders. With these tactical accessories, you'll be ready for any mission and can rely on your equipment.

Our tactical gun accessories are rugged and durable, and are designed specifically for serious use. The products are made of high-quality materials and offer high reliability and functionality.


In our gun accessories category, you will find everything you need to safely transport and comfortably carry your weapons. Whether ammunition pouches, rifle straps, protective pouches or tactical accessories - the products in this category will complete your equipment.