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    Trust Zentauron for All of Your Professional Tactical Gear Needs 

    Hello and welcome to our website. Zentauron manufactures professional-grade tactical equipment for police, military, groups and agencies involved in search and rescue, customs, security guards, bodyguards, and other people and organizations in Europe, the United States, and Canada whose work and interests call for the use of high-quality and reliable tactical products. 

    What are your tactical gear challenges? 

    If you haven’t been happy with the design or quality of some of your past tactical gear, those problems end with Zentauron. We understand the importance of having comfortable and reliable gear that won’t let you down during a mission. Our products are made to the highest quality, precision, and technical brilliance at our manufacturing plant in Bad Salzuflen, Germany. 

    Enjoy the benefits of optimal design and quality for all of your tactical gear. We are happy to answer any questions you have about our products. 

    Let’s start a conversation today. See why our products are right for you. 

    Phone: (+49) 05222 / 3689382 

    Email: kontakt@zentauron.de 

    Reliable tactical gear in dangerous and high-risk situations 

    The importance of reliable tactical gear in dangerous and high-risk situations cannot be understated. For medics, how much equipment you can carry can be a matter of life or death. For police and military, your plate carrier and protective vest can be what saves your life. Your backpack, your belt, every part of your tactical defense equipment matter during a mission. You know this, and we know this too. From drawing the first design, to the prototype, to the ready-to-use end product, all production steps are made in our factory under the strictest testing and quality control standards. We stand behind the dependability of our products and quality of our workmanship. 

    Some of our products 

    We carry hundreds of dependable and thoughtfully designed products, including tactical equipment for medics. We also carry tactical equipment for military dogs, police dogs, and search and rescue dogs. If your equipment is for personal use, such as hunting, hiking, climbing, or other leisure activities, we have dependable products to meet your needs too. 

    Our products are listed under four main categories:

    Discounts, best sellers, new products, and special offers

    Learn about the 10% discount we offer to official institutions and their members. You can also check out best-selling products, new products, and special offers:

    Reseller opportunities

    If you are interested in selling our products on a business-to-business basis, visit the Zentauron B2B Site and register today.

    Expanding into new markets

    Zentauron has been a supplier of state-of-the-art lifesaving tactical gear to the German armed forces and police since 2010. As our market expands across Europe, into the USA, and Canada, we welcome the opportunity to provide our valued friends and allies with our products’ precision design and reliability. Please feel free to explore our website and learn more about us.

    Our products are tough and reliable. Accept nothing less!

    Call now: (+49) 05222 / 3689382

    Email: kontakt@zentauron.de