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Zentauron manufactory

Zentauron – The manufactory

Our manufactory was founded in 2010 to produce and distribute custom-made textile products. A lot has happened since then. Today, we are able to process a wide variety of textiles and also produce them in large series. From light uniform fabrics to highly specialised technical fabrics, everything can be processed on our machines.

Our focus is on the manufacture of tactical equipment as used by the military and police. All our equipment and accessories are made from extremely robust textiles.

The ideas created in our development department can be precisely implemented in the other departments. In our production, the fabric is cut by CNC, by laser cutting or by hand. Then the material is sewn according to the cutting patterns. For products that have to be waterproof, for example, we can process the materials using an ultrasonic process or welding technology. Finally, each individual product is tested for quality according to strict parameters.

All of our departments ultimately lead to one goal: We offer our customers full service from the idea to the finished product.
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Backpacks for military and police forces

Zentauron manufactures backpacks for various purposes. The backpacks are used for the transport of personal equipment and supplies and also for medical equipment. Our backpacks can be expanded as desired via MOLLE / PAL systems with a selection of side pockets, accessory and equipment pockets.

The Zentauron backpacks are reliable companions on duty, outdoor or in everyday life. The high demands on our backpacks are met not only by the material, but also by the workmanship and ergonomics.

Tactical gear for your duty

Tactical gear is in the foreground at Zentauron. Due to the different areas of application, various transport tasks have to be mastered by the user. We supply the tactical equipment that helps to solve these tasks.

Our range includes a wide selection of basic carriers. These include various mission harnesses and chest rigs. The carriers can be equipped with a variety of pockets for your mission.

For the four-legged comrades we can offer a series of service dog equipment.

Bags for every mission

For every purpose there is a suitable bag that facilitates the work and ensures optimal accommodation of the equipment. Our universally applicable MOLLE multi-purpose and accessory bags hold personal mission equipment and supply items.

Our large selection of magazine pouches for all common NATO short and long guns includes various camouflage prints and solid colors. In the field of tactical emergency medicine, our IFAK pouches offer the right solution for every user. Our fanny packs are versatile from military to police to paramedics and last but not least in civilian everyday life.

Modular ballistic protection systems

Ballistic inserts provide protection, while the shell provides comfort, expandability and safe handling in the field. Our systems, such as protective vests and plate carriers, are designed so that ballistic add-on components, such as lower body, neck or upper arm protection, can be attached in a modular fashion. Shoulder pads and internal padding are provided for individual comfort, making it easier to carry heavy equipment. All vests and plate carriers are modular and can be equipped with MOLLE / PAL pockets. Flaps can be quickly attached in the front area in a few simple steps.

For optical camouflage, we only use materials and manufacturing techniques that meet the specifications of the armies. The camouflage colors according to IRR camouflage of different armies are available from us.

We pay special attention to the multispectral camouflage of our products. For this we use fabric, plastic parts, Velcro and printed webbing, which are matched to the colors and meet the high military standards.

Rugged Gear for Rugged People

Do you appreciate a rugged lifestyle? Looking for law enforcement or military tactical gear? Zentauron manufactures gear and gadgets for people who are not afraid to get their hands dirty. Enjoy the ultimate outdoor experience with our superior products.

Top-Quality Tactical and Military Gear Made to Last

Our state-of-the-art rugged gear stands up to any outdoor condition – rough sandstone, harsh ice walls, waist-deep water, and more. Get the protection and durability you need with our rugged gear.

Founded in 2010 to produce and distribute custom-made textile products, Zentauron has garnered the skills, resources, and knowledge to create extremely robust gear that you can count on. We specialize in manufacturing tactical equipment used by the military, police, and rescue personnel. This means you get a reliable product that serves your needs when outdoors. From military bags to modular ballistic protection systems, look no further than Zentauron.

Why Invest in Zentauron Gear and Gadgets?

Unmatched Durability

All our gear and accessories are made from extremely robust textiles. They can withstand all the unfriendly outdoor conditions that you put them through for longer.

Gear according to Mil Spec and TL

The materials of our products satisfy high standards in quality, workmanship and camouflage. The components are in accordance with Mil-spec or the German Technical Delivery Specification of the German Armed Forces (TL). The fabric webbing and plastic parts are coordinated in terms of camouflage and provide camouflage in the IRR / NIR range even under night vision conditions.

Quality Guaranteed

Each product is tested for quality according to strict parameters. Your satisfaction with our products is our number one priority.


At Zentauron, you get value for your money. Our top-quality gear will serve you for years without compromising functionality. We also offer a 10% discount for government employees.

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We are your one-stop-shop for all your tactical gear and equipment. Don’t put your safety at risk with substandard gear – shop at Zentauron.

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