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Micro Battle Chest Rig SET

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  • Micro Chest Rig for magazines, pistol and equipment
  • two velcro pockets for velcro pouches
  • Velcro pocket compartment for maps and small items
  • Perfect for crews of armored vehicles and police vehicles
  • Material Cordura IRR equipped
  • Robust buckles
  • Harness with Molle system and patch area
  • Patch area on the back
  • Water drainage eyelets on the bottom
  • made in Germany

Country of originDE

The Micro Battle Chest Rig SET: functionality and comfort for tactical equipment.

Perfect addition to your tactical equipment

The Micro Battle Chest Rig SET (Standard), also known as the Micro Chest Rig, is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a lightweight, yet durable carrying system. This set, made of high quality Cordura and is IRR equipped and offers not only exceptional durability but also maximum functionality for tactical operations.

Rugged and customizable: the prop of the set.

The prop of this set is the Harness as a carrying system. It is designed to securely and comfortably attach and carry your tactical gear. The harness has a width of 5 cm and is made of Cordura fabric. There is a patch area of 15x5cm on the back for ID patches or other insignia.

MOLLE compatibility for extended capabilities

The Mini Chest Rig features MOLLE areas on the straps, giving you the option to add additional small Molle pouches and accessories. The modularity of the Molle Chest Rig allows you to customize your setup as needed and conveniently carry additional gear and face any demanding mission situation.

RIG Perfect fit for your Zentauron gear.

This Chest Rig is specially designed to fit perfectly with other Zentauron products. It offers enough space for our Klett magazine pouches and pistol holsters, which you can also find in our store.

The heart of the rig consists of two compartments, which are slightly offset and equipped with Velcro flaps on the inside to store magazines and other items. Each of these compartments also has drainage eyelets at the bottom to prevent waterlogging. Straps are located on the sides and top to secure the Micro Rig to the harness. The rig has the dimensions (HBT) 17 cm x 25 cm x 8 cm.

The seamless integration allows you to effortlessly keep all your equipment organized and accessible. In our store you will also find other tactical equipment for military and security services that you can combine with the Micro Battle Chest Rig SET.

In terms of fit, this carry system adapts perfectly to your needs, your body and your other equipment - whether tight or wide.

Clever design for efficient organization

Back Cover Pouch: This kit includes a Back Cover Pouch, which is specially designed to cover the existing Velcro area if you don't need it at the moment, and provide additional storage space.

You can safely store flat gear or other essentials here. The compartment with Velcro closure offers space for maps and other flat items that you always need to have handy.

Optimal equipment for limited freedom of movement

The Micro Battle Chest Rig SET (Standard) is not only ideal for outdoor operations, but also perfect for crews of armored vehicles. In the confined conditions of an armored vehicle, where freedom of movement is severely restricted, this lightweight and compact Chest Rig becomes an invaluable asset.

With the kit, you have access to all important equipment at all times without being hindered in your movements.

The thoughtful arrangement of pockets and adjustable straps ensure that you have everything at hand, even in the tightest of situations. Rely on the Micro Battle Chest Rig SET to be optimally equipped in any situation and perform your tasks efficiently.

Ideal choice also for police and special forces

For police operations and special forces, the Micro Battle Chest Rig SET (standard) is the ideal choice. The tactical positioning of the pouches allows quick access to essential equipment, while the adaptability of the carrying system ensures that the unit can move freely.

Whether it's for quick deployments or longer duration missions, this kit offers the ultimate in comfort and functionality. Rely on the proven quality and practicality of the Micro Battle Chest Rig SET to stay in control and act effectively in any situation.

Bottom line: your ultimate tactical gear.

The Micro Battle Chest Rig SET (Standard) is more than just a carrying system for federal armed forces and security services. It is a well thought out and highly functional set designed for true professionals.

If you're looking for a reliable and comfortable carrying system that integrates seamlessly with your tactical gear, this set is the perfect choice. Invest in quality and reliability - invest in the Micro Battle Chest Rig SET (Standard) from Zentauron.

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  • Micro Battle Chest Rig SET (Standard)

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