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Service belt and harness 

    Duty belts and harnesses - so that everything fits

    In our category "Service belts and harnesses" you will find a wide range of high quality belts and harnesses for different applications. Our products are specially designed for use by firefighters, rescue services, military and other demanding applications.

    belts for fire department, belts for rescue service, belts for military use

    Our belts are robust, hard-wearing and provide a reliable means of securing your equipment. One example is our Zentauron duty belt, also known as Molle Belt or Battle Belt. This is a tactical belt designed for comfort and versatility. With separate MOLLE segments along the entire length of the belt, the duty belt allows for custom attachment of gear and pouches. Three oval rings are located on the top edge of the duty belt to attach common carriers. This allows the duty belt to be adapted to different needs and is suitable for sport shooters, police officers, field hunters and anyone who does not want to sacrifice comfort when carrying their equipment.

    Molle Pockets

    To store your equipment safely and practically, we also offer various Molle pouches. Our MOLLE Adapter Belts Triple allow you to carry MOLLE compatible equipment on your belt. These adapters are suitable for belts up to 5 cm wide and can be easily attached via Velcro. This allows you to attach small pouches such as flashlight pouches, pistol magazine pouches and more to your belt. Our handcuff pouch with MOLLE attachment is another practical option. This pouch can be attached horizontally to your belt or vertically via our Molle clips to all popular Molle systems. The lid with internal Velcro closure allows quick access.

    At Zentauron we place great emphasis on quality and reliability. All our products are manufactured in Germany and are made of high-quality material such as Cordura® polyamide 6.6 and polyamide. Our duty belts and harnesses are durable, long-lasting and provide you with the safety you need during your missions. Choose from a variety of sizes and customize your belt to fit your needs.

    Explore our diverse selection of duty belts, straps and Molle pouches in the Duty Belts and Straps category. Rely on Zentauron quality and experience for your tactical gear.