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Admin Pouches 

    Zentauron Admin pouch with Molle-System

    Admin Pouch Flecktarn open with smartphone attached to plate carrier

    Where is the Admin Pouch worn?

    Admin pouches are small pouches that are worn at chest level on the plate carrier or protective vest. There are also models that can be additionally attached to the belt. Zentauron Admin Pouches are in equipped with the Molle system and are thus attached to the tactical vest or plate carrier.

    Admin Pouch with smartphone and powerbank from Zentauron

    What is transported in Admin Pouch?

    The useful small universal accessory pouches are classically used for organizing equipment that needs to be accessed easily and quickly.

    Also called tactical office pouches, they hold personal equipment, as well as maps and small items such as paper, pens, writing pads organized in slide-in compartments. For this use case, there is the commander's bag in our range.

    With the advent of digital technology in the modern soldier, solutions have always been implemented for the accommodation of GPS devices or the use as a smartphone pouch.

    The Digital Admin Pouch with its accessories is designed for these two types of devices. Screen operation is still possible and the devices can also be charged with powerbanks.

    Material and workmanship

    The Zentauron Admin pouches are made of robust Cordura Velcro and webbing made of polyamide. The materials are according to the German TL or the American Mil Spec.
    This gives them the necessary durability and meet the IRR / NIR request of the armies.