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Chest Rigs 

    Chest rigs and accessories: everything you need for quick accessibility

    Soldiers and security forces around the world will be aware that chest rigs are an essential piece of equipment. These versatile and practical carrying systems offer a whole host of advantages and, ideally, have no disadvantages or restrictions for the wearer. In this category, you will therefore find a wide variety of models and accessories that you can adapt perfectly to your situation and the corresponding conditions of use.

    Do you want to be able to carry important equipment with you at all times without sacrificing freedom of movement? Are you looking for chest rigs that you can also combine with a Bundeswehr plate carrier or use as one? Then take a look at our category!

    Many possibilities, few handles

    Chest rigs are lightweight carrying systems that are worn on the chest. They provide an ideal platform for keeping important equipment such as magazines, radios and first aid kits within easy reach. In contrast to conventional rucksacks, they allow quick access to the required equipment without having to rummage around for a long time.

    In an emergency, every second often counts, so it is all the more important that you can get all your important equipment ready in one quick movement. With our Nonmodular Split Front Chest Rig, for example, you can carry urgent equipment on the front of your stomach, while you can pack less urgent materials in your rucksack.

    Flexible and combinable with protective elements

    The combination of chest rigs and plate carriers also offers you a neat solution if you want to pack the best of both elements together. While a chest rig provides quick access and organization of equipment, Bundeswehr plate carriers offer the necessary ballistic protection.

    Incidentally, freedom of movement is also maintained so that you can fulfill your duties in the field with our models even when things get rough - the same also applies to driving in narrow vehicles. Even with a chest rig, you can still move well enough in the vehicle, work out of it and, in the worst case, leave it quickly.

    This means you remain well equipped in dynamic combat situations as well as in calm moments and can also protect yourself optimally.

    Modular, customizable and expandable

    Every soldier and every operational area has its own characteristics, which means that a chest rig must be adapted to specific requirements time and time again. Would you also like to customize your chest rigs? No problem! We have of course made sure that our pieces are equipped with Velcro surfaces and Molle loops in order to remain particularly flexible. Our Micro Battle Chest Rig Extended Set has a robust construction with a Molle system so that additional pouches, such as magazine pouches or multi-purpose pouches, can be attached to it.

    You can also find additional equipment here

    Sometimes you don't need a completely new model, but are simply missing a few individual parts. Accordingly, you will also find a lot of important accessories in our category, such as the Tactical Shoulder Harness and the corresponding Shoulder Harness G-Hook Strap Kit, or the Standard Shoulder Harness Strap Kit.

    Additional pouches such as the Micro Battle Chest Rig Back Cover Pouch or the Micro Battle Chest Rig Extended Back Cover Pouch are also available here - you will definitely find what you are looking for!

    We are your first choice for chest rigs

    At Zentauron you will find a wide selection of high-quality chest rigs, all of which are manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standards. This is the only way they can meet the high expectations of military and security forces and work in combination with a Bundeswehr plate carrier, for example. Our products are always and constantly designed to offer the best protection and the highest flexibility.

    So take a closer look at our range in this category, add a few items to your shopping cart and equip yourself with the best chest rig for your next mission. If you would like to read more exciting information, take a look at our blog - here you will find useful knowledge as well as valuable tips and tricks!