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Soft ballistic plates 

    Soft ballistic plates for plate carriers and protective vests

    In this category you will find soft ballistics suitable for Zentauron plate carriers and protective vests. Soft ballistics, or soft ballistics, protect against bullets from handguns and are used in bulletproof vests.

    In order to provide protection against ammunition from handguns, several layers of a special fabric are processed. Most often, resistant materials made of aramid are used for production. The ballistic inserts absorb the energy of the bullets and prevent life-threatening injuries.

    By using them in sheaths such as the body armor, the plate carriers or even in the lower body protection, they can protect the upper body, the neck, the upper arms and the lower body.

    Depending on the protection class, soft ballistics can provide protection from small-caliber ammunition, stabbing weapons, knives, thorns and fragments. Decisive for the ballistic protection are the protection classes according to which the soft ballistics have been tested. The different tests can be carried out according to the German protection class SK 1 and VPAM or according to the American protection class NIJ.

    The combination of different soft ballistics for protection against trauma

    Ballistic inserts stop bullets, but the energy generated by the impact still provides trauma. In the medical field, trauma is referred to as a non-life-threatening injury. Combining a soft ballistic along with a trauma protection insert reduces trauma and increases their protection against injury. Trauma protection inserts for a plate carrier can also be found in this category.

    The combination of hard ballistics and soft ballistics for protection against severe injury

    For higher protection against ammunition from rifles, hard ballistics plates are used in protective vests and plate carriers. To stop the energy of these projectiles, protection class SK4 or NIJ Level IV is required. Unless they carry a stand alone ballistic plate in their tactical gear, they also need soft ballistics to achieve this SK4 protection class.

    Ballistics are used by the police, military or for personal protection. But can also be bought as a private person. If you buy ballistics, they inform about possible import or export regulations of their destination country.

    The offered ballistics can be used in most cases in plate carriers and protective vests of other manufacturers.