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Sentinel Combat Backpack 55+10 L

ZentauronNew2.07 kg
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  • The Zentauron "Sentinel" is an outdoor frame backpack including an E&E pack
  • Capacity main compartment 55 liters + 10 liters lid compartment (E&E pack)
  • Modularity through MOLLE loops on the front, sides, lid and hip belt
  • Loading as a top and front loader
  • Roll-up closure
  • Padded shoulder straps and hip belt
  • Control strap, removable lid compartment that serves as a 10 liter backpack or E&E pack
  • Outside slide-in compartments for drinks
  • Velcro surface for patches
  • Made from 500D CORDURA®
  • Military modular outdoor backpack
  • Backpack can be worn with protective vests and plate carriers
  • Made in Germany

MaterialCordura® polyamide 6.6
WebbingPolyamide 6.6
Width (cm)30.0
Height (cm)82.00
Depth (cm)30.0
Volume (litres)65.00
Weight (kg)2.066
Country of originDE

55 liter MOLLE outdoor frame backpack with 10 liter E&E pack

The SENTINEL from Zentauron is a robust 55-liter backpack with a removable 10-liter lid. This results in a total volume of 65 liters. The lid was developed as a small additional backpack.

With its outer frame, it is designed as a professional and tactical backpack for heavy loads (25‒40 kg). It can be used as a BW backpack, army backpack or in leisure time as a modular hiking and trekking backpack.

The volume of the backpack can be easily expanded with other bags using the MOLLE system and gives the user the individual freedom to configure his personal backpack system tailored to his or her special requirements. Accessory bags can be attached directly to the backpack or to the hip belt of the backpack. As a small backpack, the removable lid takes on the Escape & Evasion function, for example.

The outer frame ensures good ventilation in the back area and prevents excessive sweating and friction. For people who wear protective equipment such as B. wearing plate carriers or protective vests, there is another advantage: the backpack does not press on the lower edges of the protective plate.

The rucksack is equipped with padding on the body support surfaces for optimal carrying comfort. The backpack is made of robust Cordura, the material is FU impregnated and PU coated. The SENTINEL can be filled through two openings. This makes it one of the top and front loaders.

Backpack - the main compartment

The main compartment of the SENTINEL is a combined front and top loader and has a capacity of 40 to 55 liters, depending on the compression of the roll-up lock. This is located under the removable cover. There are pockets on the outside. These can hold drinks, canteens or other equipment, for example.

Top loader backpack

One way to load and unload the equipment is to use the top opening, which has a roll-top closure.

The roll closure offers several advantages. On the one hand, the content can be ideally compressed and brings stability to the backpack. On the other hand, this type of closure ensures that the contents are protected from dust and moisture.

The principle of the roll-up closure is simple and effective. The upper end is pulled apart on the two plastic sticks and rolled up several times. Then the plug and housing are plugged together. The lock is now secured.

Front loading backpack

The second way to load and unload equipment is to use the front opening. This opening can be partially or fully opened with a double zipper over a length of 18x50 cm. This means that the user can easily access items of luggage that are in the lower area of the backpack.

On the inside of the front loader opening, a lid compartment with a zip is sewn into the entire surface. Smaller items of equipment can be stowed here, which should be quickly accessible. The zipper is protected from contamination and damage by the overlapping fabric.

MOLLE system of the tactical backpack

MOLLE loops are sewn on the front of the SENTINEL, to which additional equipment can be attached. They also serve to tension lashing straps. Above the opening of the front loader, optionally available accessory bags can be attached to the MOLLE on an area of three horizontal rows and seven vertical channels.

There are five horizontal rows on the zipper opening of the front loader to attach additional bags with MOLLE in four vertical channels. They are also suitable for attaching the side compression straps.

Below the opening of the front loader there are four horizontal rows on the left and right to attach additional bags in two vertical channels with MOLLE.

On the bottom there are two horizontal rows with two channels on the left and right. Smaller bags, sleeping bags or sleeping mats can be attached here with MOLLE.

MOLLE mount for side pockets

If additional space is required, additional pockets can be attached to the MOLLE mounts on the sides of the backpack. The fastening surfaces on each side have six horizontal rows with five channels of MOLLE loops.

In this way, the packing volume of the SENTINEL can be further increased individually. For example, the Zentauron combat bag can be attached to the sides. With this extension it is possible to increase the maximum volume of the main compartment from 55 to 72 liters.

The carrying system with an external frame

Carrying heavy loads comfortably over a longer period of time can best be achieved by redistributing the load. To do this, you shift the load from your shoulders to your hips. For this purpose, a frame (outer frame) was integrated into the backpack system.

The carrying system supports the load distribution and is particularly advantageous for wearers of protective equipment, protective vests and / or plate carriers. The frame provides enough space to the back. This prevents the protective equipment from chafing and at the same time ensures good ventilation that minimizes perspiration.

The padding at shoulder blade level ensures a comfortable fit on longer marches. The outer frame is made of sturdy plastic and stiffens the back area over a length of approx. 50 cm. This increases the stability of the backpack and distributes the weight on the hips.

Padded hip belt

The padded hip belt is firmly connected to the outer frame and transfers the weight from the backpack to the hips. The hip belt is closed with a 40 mm wide strap and a robust plastic buckle. The webbing is equipped with a "pull forward" loop to tighten. The circumference of the hip belt can be adjusted from 80 cm to a maximum of 120 cm.

Modularity on the hip belt

For smaller items of equipment and bags, there are three horizontal rows on each side with five vertical channels for MOLLE attachments on the hip belt. For example, small multi-purpose bags or medic bags can be attached. It can be accessed quickly during a march.

Shoulder straps

The approx. 7 cm wide shoulder straps ensure good weight distribution on the shoulders and are also padded. For optimal load distribution, there are load control straps on the shoulder strap, which are connected to the backpack.

The load control straps should be at the height of the collarbone and be fixed at an angle of approx. 20 - 30 ° to the backpack. A pulling aid at the end of the shoulder strap makes it easier to tighten when putting on the SENTINEL.

Chest strap

The chest strap provides further stability when wearing. This can be positioned almost freely on the strap of the shoulder strap. The length of the chest strap can be adjusted using three bars and a plastic buckle.

Lid compartment as a 10 liter Escape & Evasion pack

The lid compartment not only serves as additional storage space, but is also an Escape & Evasion Pack with a capacity of approx. 10 liters. Objects such as rainwear, cards, glasses or survival kits can be stored here.

The special feature of the SENTINEL is that the lid compartment can be separated from the main backpack using the supplied buckles, which makes it a small backpack or E&E pack (escape backpack). This gives the user the freedom to be independent of his main luggage.

Molle loops are also attached to the top to attach additional equipment or Molle bags.

On the front there are five rows and six MOLLE channels, to which other multi-purpose bags, such as our multi-purpose bag 'Horizontal' or 'Quadro', can be attached.

A 5 x 10 cm Velcro area is available for identification. Patches or name tapes can be attached. The lid compartment consists of a main compartment that is equipped with a double zip. There is another small zipped compartment on the back of the lid compartment.

The lid compartment is compressed by a rubber cord to which cord stoppers are attached at the top and on the sides.

The lid compartment is attached to the backpack using 4 buckles. If you detach the lid compartment from the rucksack, the four buckles are free to accept the carrying straps supplied. Then the lid compartment becomes a small rucksack with a capacity of 10 liters. The straps can also be used as tie straps.

The Sentinel can be used both as a tactical-military backpack, but can also be ideally used as a hiking or trekking backpack.

scope of delivery

  • 1x Sentinel 55 +10 liter backpack

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Zentauron care instructions

Care instructions for Zentauron products

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Daniel D 2023-01-27

funktioniert auch mit Plattenträger

Zentauron hat hier einen tollen Rucksack produziert. Er hat viel Platz und alles, was für 2-3 Tage im Außendienst benötigt wird, hat Platz. Die Verarbeitung ist top. Durch das Außengestell ist es möglich einen Plattenträger zu tragen ohne, dass der Rucksack auf die Unterkante der Platte drückt. Der Rucksack trägt sich sehr angenehm auch auf längeren Fußmärschen. Der Service bei Zentauron ist ebenfalls hervorgagend. Der Preis ist gerechtfertigt.

Tino - Leon G 2022-01-07

Gewohnte Zentauron - Qualität

Der Rucksack macht einen soliden und qualitativ wertigen Eindruck. Er hat mich inzwischen auf eine Lost - Place Tour mit Übernachtung begleitet, und sich dort bewiesen, Ob als Lastenträger oder Sitzgelegenheit. Das Tragegestell ist sehr leicht auf die jeweilige Person anzupassen, und ist dank der Bauweise sehr komfortabel. Die einzigen Mankos für mich persönlich sind die Stabilität des Rucksacks wenn er leer ist, sowie die Modularität, z.B. die Möglichkeit kleinere Organizer - Pouches o.ä. im Innenraum anzubringen. Das Hauptfach ist eben nur ein großer Stauraum. Nett gemacht hingegen ist das Meshfach welches in das Öffnungsfach des Frontloaders eingenäht ist.

Alles in allem begeistert Zentauron mit (in meinem Fall) einem Wahnsinns Kundenservice, sowie einer 1A Produktqualität.

Claus W 2021-04-23

Endlich einer für alles

Zentauron hat als einer der wenigen Hersteller die Wünsche von Anwendern erhöht und einen Rucksack in der 55 Liter-Klasse vorgestellt, der wirklich kaum Wünsche offenlässt.
Vom Deckelfach, das sich ohne weitere Riemen (wie z.B. bei Berghaus) als Daypack verwenden lässt über MOLLE am Hüftgurt bist zur Kombination aus Top- und Frontloader passt einfach alles zusammen.
Der Roll-Up Verschluss wie bei den Ortlieb-Beuteln sorgt dafür, dass auch bei geringer Füllung nichts herumschlackert.
Der einzige Wunsch wäre noch eine Durchführung für den Schlauch eines Trinksystems, aber dank des Tragegestells kann das Camelback auch auf dem Chestrig oder Plattenträger bleiben ohne zu drücken.
Gut durchdacht und den Preis absolut wert.