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Plate Carrier 

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    Plate carrier, military and police protective equipment

    Here you will find our plate carrier models with extensive accessories. The ZentauroN plate carriers are characterized by their freedom of movement and wearing comfort and can be equipped with appropriate soft ballistics and hard ballistics for optimal protection.

    The models we produce are designed for use by the military, police, special forces. They are compatible with our products through the MOLLE system and also with the products of other manufacturers.

    The great advantage of the plate carrier protective equipment is the use of ballistic inserts. It reduces the trauma that bullets cause. It can also prevent the penetration of bullet fragments. The ballistic insert is placed in the front and back of the plate pockets.

    With this body protection protect vital organs. You can integrate in the Zentauron plate carriers, SK4 hard ballistic, the stand-alone plates and the soft ballistic inserts in the plate pocket.

    Each carrier is accompanied by a cummerbund on each side. The length of the cummerbund is used to adjust the carrier to the circumference of the body. We also offer ballistic inserts for the cummerbunds.

     To protect the area of the abdomen and loins, there is a ballistic insert for the PC Drop Down Pouch. The Vulcan product can be further upgraded with upper arm protection and neck protection.

    The Plate Carriers are equipped with ROC buckles. These buckles have a quick release system. This ensures that any rescuer can open the plate carrier in an emergency. The latest model, the Vulcan III is also available as a LASER CUT Plate Carrier. This model is manufactured in a very precise laser cut process.

    For the plate carriers, you can find a wide range of accessories for wearing comfort in our online store, such as the shoulder pads. The accessories also include the expansion of the Plate Carrier with pockets. A wide range of magazine pouches, multi-purpose pouches as well as IFAK pouches with Molle loops are available.

    There are plate carriers in flecktarn, tropentarn, steingrau-oliv, multicam, multicam black, concamo and black.