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Plate carrier cummerbund Vulcan minimal ballistic pair

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  • Extension: The Vulcan Minimal ballistic cummerbund offers an extension option and enables the Vulcan Minimal to be adapted for various hazardous situations thanks to the integration of VPAM3+ soft ballistics.
  • Versatile adaptation: With flexible dimensions (12 x 28 cm and 12 x 20 cm), the cummerbund enables individual adaptation to the user's needs, both in terms of fit and payload.
  • Additional load options: The design allows hook-and-loop magazine pouches to be attached to the cummerbund, increasing the payload of the plate carrier and increasing the versatility of the gear.
  • Secure attachment: The wide elastic band ensures a tight fit of the waistband, which ensures a stable position of the plate carrier during fast movements and prevents uncomfortable flapping.
  • Flexibility and balance: The Vulcan Minimal Ballistic Cummerbund combines flexibility and protection in one product, offering maximum adaptability for tactical operations and meeting the requirements for both ballistic protection and additional payload.

MaterialCordura® polyamide 6.6
Country of originDE

Vulcan minimal ballistic cummerbund pair: flexible extension for your plate carrier

Maximum customization with the cummerbund

The Vulcan Minimal ballistic cummerbund is the ideal addition to your plate carrier. This pair not only offers an optimal fit, but also the ability to accommodate ballistic inserts for added protection. The design also allows for attachable Velcro magazine pouches to increase the payload of your plate carrier.

Versatile dimensions for different needs

The pouches of the waistband are available in two different dimensions to meet your individual requirements. The standard size is 12 x 28 cm (H x W), while the shorter version measures 12 x 20 cm (H x W). This flexibility allows you to customize the cummerbund for plate carriers according to your needs.

Ballistic protection and additional payload

By integrating ballistic inserts, the Vulcan minimal ballistic cummerbund offers extended protection. The corresponding VPAM3+ soft ballistics are available for this purpose. This is particularly relevant in situations where additional safety is crucial, such as in combat. At the same time, you can equip the waistband with our Velcro magazine pouches to create more payload for your equipment.

Wide elastic band for a secure fit

The waistband is equipped with a wide elastic band that ensures a tight fit. Your plate carrier stays in place during fast movements and does not flap around uncomfortably. The cummerbund is around 60 cm long and around 15 cm wide, which ensures optimum coverage and security.

Conclusion: flexibility and protection in one product

The Vulcan Minimal Ballistic Cummerbund offers an optimal balance between flexibility and protection. Whether you need additional ballistic protection or simply want more payload for your equipment, this cummerbund will meet your needs across the board.

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  • Plate carrier cummerbund Vulcan minimal ballistic pair