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Breite (cm)30.0
Höhe (cm)50.0
Tiefe (cm)14.0
Volumen (Liter)25.00

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The Medic Pack ZFR (Zentauron First Responder) has been developed with the support of the troop school in Hammelburg, Germany, on the one hand for the first responder in the troop, on the other hand for mobile doctors, as a complete medical rescue pack, which can be adapted to almost any purpose. Via the optional accessories, such as the Smartbelt ZFR unpadded or the Smartbelt ZFR padded, additional equipment can be attached to the waist. The weight is evenly distributed. The intervention bag ZFR is an ideal extension for the rapid primary care and treatment, more equipment you can spread to our universal backpack side-bag.

This system can be individually adapted to any mission order. Whether as a complete heavy duty rescue backpack or as a light, highly portable medical backpack, this ZFR Medic backpack offers you all. The cover is equipped all round with a closed-cell cushionfoam, this protects the content. The carrier system is well padded and contents the attachment of the Smartbelt ZFR unpadded or Smartbelt ZFR padded.
Modular loops are attached to the sides as well as to the ground, in addition, you will find the modular loop at the bottom of the backpack at positions 7 and 5 hour to fix a tourniquet. The lid is equipped with an velcro attachable handle, a velcro surface and modular loops for extension and marking.

The interior is completely lined with velcro, for uptaking of dividers (Interior and Organization)  and pouches of various types. In addition, there is a large slot on the front, closable with velcro, for safely storage for instance of an ampullarium or documents.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Medic Pack ZFR (without accessory pouches)

Innraumteiler im ZFR Rettungsrucksack Beipielbilder

Rettungs Rucksack mit Medic Ausrüstung


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Medic Pack ZFR

Medic Pack ZFR



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