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Protective vest THOR soft ballistics VPAM 3 Plus SET

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  • ballistic insert for THOR vest
  • protection class VPAM 3 Plus (close fire)
  • thin and flexible insert
  • for customers with certificate of authority

Protection class (VPAM)3 Plus
ConstructionSoft ballistics
Country of originDE

Soft ballistics for the protective vest Thor

With the soft ballistics for plate carriers from Zentauron you can increase your protection. The ballistics protect the vital organs. The lethal zone of both the chest and back areas are protected from bullets from handguns and submachine guns. These ballistic inserts are characterized by their light weight and flexibility.
The softballistics are produced directly by Zentauron in Germany.

The inserts are placed in the insertion compartments of the protective vest. We offer the soft ballistics for the in the size M and XXL. The SET consists of a front part and a back part. The front part always has a size indication on the label and the back part has a combined size indication, e.g. M-L.

It is important that the side with the label "Here body side" also faces your body.

Soft ballistics are used by the military, police, personal protection, rescue and law enforcement. Ballistics are suitable for vests that can be worn over clothing. In combination with hard ballistics, they can increase the protection class to SK 4 or NIJ Lvl IV.
Ballistics with protection class VPAM 3 Plus

With protection class VPAM 3, the insert offers protection against all common threats from handguns and submachine guns, including mounted shots (close-range fire). VPAM is a guideline for testing by the Association of Testing Bodies for Attack Resistant Materials and Constructions.

The ballistic insert is made of a strong, durable and lightweight para-aramid. The protective function and flexibility is created by processing several layers of para-aramid, which are quilted. This reduces the impact energy of bullets from handguns and submachine guns, and thus withstands bullet penetration.

More about protection classes can be found in the Zentauron Blog: Difference of ballistic protection class NIJ and TR.

Maximum dimensions (HxWxD) Front and weight

    M XxXx cm Weight: XXX
    L 42 x 58 x X cm Weight: 832 grams
    XL XxXxX cm Weight: XXX
    XXL XxXxX cm Weight: XXX

Maximum rear dimensions (HxWxD) and weight

    M-L 38x 56 x X cm Weight: 752 grams
    L-XL XxXxX cm Weight: XXX
    XL-XXL XxXxX cm Weight: XXX

Important Notice:

The sale of these ballistics is within Germany only to commercial customers, authorities and public officials. The legitimation is done by applying for the authorities discount.

This article is not discountable and excluded from exchange and return!

Scope of delivery

  • Protective vest THOR soft ballistics VPAM 3 Plus SET