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Protective vest THOR Rescue (cover)

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  • completely circumferential modular loops in yellow reflective color achieve high recognition
  • identification of the vest by Velcro labels on the front and back area
  • quick putting on and taking off of the vest by ZenTubes (ROC buckles)
  • high wearing comfort due to shoulder pads on the straps and 3D spacer fabric
  • MOLLE / PAL system for additional equipment pockets
  • ballistic inserts are optionally available
  • made in Germany

Country of originDE

Protective vest for rescue forces and law enforcement services

This civilian protective vest in the color red is primarily designed for rescue forces in firefighting and medical services. The vest in the color dark blue can be used in the field of law enforcement, personal protection and object protection.

The vest differs from the tactical version by the reflective stripes. These reflective stripes achieve high visibility in the dark or in poor visibility conditions. At the same time, the distinction from other task forces is guaranteed.

This protective vest cover is similar in structure to the vests used by the police and the Bundeswehr. It is made of robust Cordura.

Quick release system

The Thor Rescue vest is equipped with a quick release system. This quick release system consists of ROC buckles located on the cummerbund and shoulder straps. The mechanism allows for quick donning and doffing of the vest.

The ROC buckle (Rapid Operational Closure Buckle) was developed by the US Army and is particularly robust and reliable. The ROC buckle consists of two parts. An upper part, which is sewn to the cummerbund, and a lower part, which is sewn to the front part of the vest. There is also an upper part sewn to each of the shoulder straps. The lower part for the shoulder straps is also sewn to the front of the vest.

These upper and lower parts of the ROC buckles are connected to each other by inserting them into each other and then locking them. Unlocking or opening is done by moving forward and pulling upward at the same time.

Wearing comfort

The vest is completely equipped with 3D spacer fabric on the front and back. The spacer fabric is used for padding and provides better ventilation under the vest. The removable shoulder pads are also equipped with padding and can be attached to the shoulder straps via Velcro as needed.
Size adjustment

The protective vest cover is available in sizes S to XXL. It is not possible to start from the ready-made sizes, but from the sizes of the usable soft ballistics. The soft ballistics are available as an option. Adjustment to the body size is made via the shoulder straps, which are continuously adjustable via Velcro.

Adjustment to the body circumference is made via the cummerbund. The cummerbund is firmly connected to the front part on the front side.

Adjustment to the waist circumference is done via the rear flexible part of the cummerbund. This area is equipped with a large elastic band to ensure a high wearing comfort. The end is provided with a Velcro surface. The Velcro area is attached under the cover on the back of the vest and can be adjusted continuously.

Accommodates ballistics

This protective vest cover accepts front part and in the back part soft ballistic inserts. The ballistic inserts are cut in such a way that they also protect the sides under the cummerbund. Depending on the use of ballistics, the insert provides protection against ammunition from handguns. Ballistics for this vest are optional.

Visibility & Marking

The distinct difference from tactical vests worn by police and military is the reflective MOLLE strips attached to the vest. The user can be clearly seen from any side and distinguished from other emergency personnel. If you expand the vest with the pockets from the Rescue series, the visibility is further maintained, as these are also equipped with reflective or eye-catching elements.

Patch area

To mark the affiliation, such as rescue service, law enforcement service or even press, Velcro patches are attached to the front and back. Here can attach appropriate patches on the Velcro.

Attachment & MOLLE system

The slide-in compartment on the front
On the front is a wide slide-in compartment sewn on. This is closed via Velcro and can accommodate various items that should always be at hand. If additional equipment is to be attached directly to the vest, the protective vest can be easily expanded and adapted to the needs with the help of the MOLLE system.

There are attachment options on the front and back, as well as on the cummerbund and shoulder pads. You can use the multi-purpose pockets of the Rescue series to attach additional equipment such as bandages, band-aids, rescue scissors, gloves, etc. in the front or on the side.

The advantage is that minor injuries can be treated quickly and there is no need to resort to a rescue backpack.  Pockets for attaching radios or tourniquets can also be attached to the vest. 


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Scope of delivery

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