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Tourniquet Holster Rescue Molle

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  • Lightweight tourniquet holster with MOLLE
  • Pulltap made of webbing for safe opening even with gloves
  • Velcro-based closure
  • The tourniquet is held in place by the internal elastic band
  • Attachment to the equipment via Faststick / MOLLE
  • Can be attached to the front and cummerbund of the Thor Rescue protective vest
  • Suitable for the CAT, SOF, SKALA, RAT tourniquets
  • Made in Germany

Country of originDE

Rescue Tourniquet Holster for the rescue service - Made in Germany

Easy attachment with MOLLE strap

This tourniquet holster is easy to attach using a durable MOLLE strap on the back. Compatibility with various pieces of equipment allows flexible positioning for rescue workers in the field.

Secure closure with Velcro and pull-tap

The Velcro fastener on the top of the holster ensures a secure fastening mechanism. The integrated webbing pull-tap allows easy operation, even when wearing gloves, to ensure smooth access in any situation.

Reliable tourniquet fixation

The tourniquet is held securely in place by a firm elastic band on the inside of the holster. This ensures quick and easy removal so that rescue teams can act quickly when it matters.

Individual labeling with Velcro surface

The large Velcro surface on the front of the holster allows for individual labeling. TQ patches or other markers can be attached here to clearly identify the contents.

Attachment options on protective vests

The holster is ideal for attaching to the front or cummerbund of the Thor Rescue protective vest. Maximum flexibility and accessibility are therefore guaranteed.

Compatible with common tourniquet models

Designed to accommodate the most common tourniquet models such as CAT, SOF, SKALA and RAT, this holster is the first choice for the rescue service.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Tourniquet Holster Rescue Molle