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Hydra storm luggage

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  • Additional hydration bladder carrier and backpack in one

  • can be used on plate carriers, protective vests or standalone

  • Molle loops and patch area on the front and 2 passages for drinking tubes

  • Hydration bladder is attached in the slide-in compartment using cords, 2 mesh pockets are also located inside

  • Carrying strap is included, attachment via Molle clips

  • IRR / NIR equipped
  • made in Germany

MaterialCordura® polyamide 6.6
WebbingPolyamide 6.6
Width (cm)25.0
Height (cm)33.0
Depth (cm)8.0
Volume (litres)6.0
Material composition100% polyamide
Country of originDE

Water transportation made easy - the Hydra storm pack

We're all thirsty - whether it's hot or cold, light or dark outside. Whether we are just lying there or moving around - we need water! Soldiers, hunters and survival specialists are by no means exempt from this, quite the opposite. Especially when we are on the move for longer periods of time, such as on a mission or on a hunt, an optimum supply of fluids is particularly important.

This is exactly why we offer you the Hydra assault pack - designed as a combination of carrier for hydration bladders and rucksack, this assault pack offers the thirst quencher you need.

Integrated hydration system holder

Sure, it's great if you can carry your water bladder around in a hydration carrier - but it's better if you can drink something in between without having to constantly unpack the water container. How about a cool sip of water in the middle of a battle? Well, that probably wouldn't be ideal, but it would certainly look great!

To make this idea a reality (in theory!), the design focuses on the compartment for a 3-litre hydration bladder, which is securely fastened with elastic cords to minimize the liquid sloshing around. This means that you can use the appropriate tubes to drink something while moving without being rocked back and forth like a sip of water.

The inner compartment also offers space for other important items of equipment such as rain jackets / waterproofs or emergency equipment - just like in a normal rucksack.

Always with you - Molle for modularity

You probably already expected to find a Molle system here too. In fact, the Hydra assault pack is characterized by its extensive Molle loops on the front, sides and bottom. These allow you to attach modular pouches and other items of equipment. Innovative hook-and-loop fastener handles on the top corners make it easy to pass cables and drinking tubes through - after all, we want our equipment to be absolutely soldier-proof!

Flexible for use - pack it wherever you want

You can either attach the Hydra assault pack directly to your plate carrier or protective vest or use it as a standalone backpack. Four additional Molle loops on the back make it easy to pull through carrying and shoulder straps, turning the Hydra assault pack into a fully-fledged rucksack. The optional Molle clips allow you to attach it quickly and securely.

Top material - because it has to last in the field

Everyday life for soldiers can be tough, and the same applies to hunters and survival specialists - harsh conditions, lots of movement, dirt and the soldier's favorite way of walking, gliding, often take their toll on the material.

Made from high-quality Cordura® polyamide 6.6, the Hydra assault pack is extremely resistant to abrasion and tearing - it can take a beating!

The IRR / NIR camouflage technology also ensures effective camouflage under different lighting conditions - like all Zentauron products, the Hydra assault pack is made in Germany according to military specifications.

Available in five tactical color options

The best hydration system won't help the soldier if he gets a hole in it because he can be seen from a distance of three kilometers. The Zentauron Hydra assault pack is therefore designed to integrate optimally into different environments and mission requirements - we offer it in five different color options:

  • Flecktarn: This well-known and proven camouflage pattern is ideal for operations in Central European forests and grasslands. Flecktarn is widely used by the Bundeswehr and other European armed forces.
  • Stone GreyOlive: A versatile and neutral color that is particularly useful in urban and mixed environments. Stone Gray Olive offers a discreet solution for operations where less conspicuous equipment is required.
  • Multicam: Designed for use in a variety of environments, seasons and light conditions. Multicam dynamically adapts to the environment and is ideal for global forces.
  • Tropical / Desert Camouflage: Specifically designed for arid and semi-arid environments, Tropical / Desert Camouflage provides effective camouflage in desert and steppe environments.
  • Coyote: A solid, versatile brown that works in a variety of natural environments from deserts to mountainous or rocky areas.

Conclusion: Drink or carry - use the Hydra storm pack as you need it

With the Hydra storm pack, you either have the right transport option for your water bladder, or a comfortable backpack in which you can stow a little something for the road. Equipped with an ingenious Molle system, you are free to choose the attachment option that suits you best.

So, what are you waiting for? Add the Hydra storm pack to your shopping cart and add it to your personal equipment - because everyone gets thirsty!

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x Hydra storm pack
  • 1 x carrying system for the stand-alone version

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