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Hydra Assaultpack

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  • Additional hydration pack carrier and backpack in one.

  • Can be used on plate carriers, protective vests or standalone.

  • Full loops and patch surface on the front and 2 outlets for drinking tubes.

  • Hydration Pack is fixed in the drawer by cords, 2 mesh pockets are also inside the drawer.

  • Carry strap is included, attachment by Molle clips,

MaterialCordura® polyamide 6.6
WebbingPolyamide 6.6
Width (cm)25.0
Height (cm)33.0
Depth (cm)8.0
Volume (litres)6.0
Material composition100% polyamide
Country of originGermany

This small backpack is specially built for the wearing on plate carriers or body armor. Inside there is an inset for all popular water bubbles, which can be compressed with a rubber cord to avoid slopping. There is enough additional space to put a rain jacket or similar inside.
Outside it's possible to attach additional pouches or bags, either to the front or the both sides. The connection is possible through our Molle-system. At the upper slanted sides are 2 notches, which are protected with velcro-band. The notches you can use for drawing through of cables or hoses to the front- or backside. On the notches are additional modular loops for attachment of additional equipment.
You can carry with the Hydra Assaultpack little transistor radios or handheld transceivers too. At the backside you find 4 loops, where you can draw shoulder or chest belts through. In this case the Hydra Assaultpack changes to a „stand alone backpack“. For attachment to vests or body armor you use 4 Molle-clips 12,5cm. Of course you can use other clips like Maliceclips, Speedclips or similar too.

The Hydra Assaultpack is produced after guidelines and specifications of different european armies.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Hydra Assaultpack

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