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Soft ballistic plate carrier Side VPAM 3 Plus

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  • Soft ballistics for the plate carrier Kummerbund
  • Protection class VPAM 3 Plus (special ballistics)
  • Ballistic insert for the side
  • Two sizes M and L
  • Thin, flexible and light
  • For customers with proof of authority

Protection class (VPAM)3 Plus
ConstructionSoft ballistics
Country of originDE

Soft ballistics for the plate carrier cummerbund

With soft ballistics from Zentauron you can increase your protection. The ballistics protect in particular against penetration, i.e. bullets on the sides of the body. The inserts are designed for the cummerbund of plate carriers. They are available in size M and L.

It is important that she side with the label "Here body side" also facing her body.

The ballistic inserts are characterized by their light weight and high flexibility. The application of the soft ballistic is simple. One simply inserts the inserts into the cummerbund of the plate carrier.

The production of these inserts takes place directly at Zentauron in Germany. The ballistics can be used across manufacturers in different tactical carriers.

Side ballistics with protection class VPAM 3 Plus

The insert complies with protection class VPAM 3 according to the VPAM BSW 2006 guideline, providing protection against projectiles from handguns and submachine guns, including superimposed shots. This guideline was developed by the Association of Testing Bodies for Attack Resistant Materials and Constructions (VPAM).

The insert is made of a strong, resistant and lightweight para-aramid. The protective function is provided by the use of multiple layers of Para Aramid. The multi-layer arrangement and the stitching of the material can absorb the bullet energy from handguns and submachine guns.

This soft ballistics is used by military, police, personal protection and rescue services.
Optionally you can combine the softballistics for your Plate carrier with a trauma protection from Zentauron.
More about protection classes can be found in the ZentauroN blog: Difference of Ballistic Protection Class NIJ and TR

Dimensions (HxWxD) and weight

  • Size M = 20 cm x 12 cm x 0,8 cm | Weight: 124 grams
  • Size L = 28 cm x 12 cm x 0.8 cm | Weight: 178 grams

Important notice:

The sale of these ballistics within Germany is only to commercial customers, authorities and members of authorities. The legitimation is done via an application for the authority discount.

This item is not discountable and excluded from exchange and return!

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Soft ballistic plate carrier Side VPAM 3 Plus

Test certificate VPAM 3+

Soft ballistics test certificate VAPM 3+

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