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Türramme Modell Z13

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  • Two ball bearing handles
  • Shock protection on the front handle
  • Weight 13,8 KG
  • Eyelets for attaching carrying strap
  • Good swing
  • Turned from high quality steel
  • Finished with protective paint
  • Made in Germany

WebbingPolyamide 6.6
Country of originDE

Door ram function: A robust and high quality tool

Model Z13 door ram is turned from high quality steel and finished with protective paint to protect it from wear and corrosion. The two handles of the pile driver are ball-bearing and shock-protected, which makes it comfortable and safe to use. The special coordination of weight, length and handle positions makes it possible to open even resistant doors easily and quickly. The swing behavior of the ram is particularly good, which, among other things, helps to protect the wrists.

Do you have to force open a door leaf? - Not with the door ram model Z13

With this door opener for SEK it is possible to open doors without damaging the door leaf. To do this, the pile driver is placed between the door and the frame and pressed against the frame with momentum. The result is a fast and effective door opening without damaging the door unnecessarily.

Door ram fire department

The Model Z13 door ram is also an indispensable tool for fire department operations. During fires, it can happen that doors are blocked or cannot be opened. Zentauron's Model Z13 allows firefighters to quickly and safely gain access to buildings and save lives.

Battering ram police

The Model Z13 door ram is used by police as a battering ram to break down doors and gain access to buildings. Due to the high quality and stability of the Zentauron Model Z13, it is capable of breaking even blocked doors or door leaves.

Special forces

The German KSK (Kommandospezialkräfte) also rely on the Model Z13 door ram during operations. During dangerous missions in combat, the quick opening of doors is often crucial to save lives or limit damage. With the Model Z13 from Zentauron, the KSK can quickly and effectively gain access to buildings and successfully carry out the mission, even in dicey situations under fire.

Scope of delivery

  • Door ram Z13 incl. carrying strap