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CREWMAN helmet cover

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  • Helmet cover for the "Crewman" ballistic combat helmet
  • is attached to the combat helmet using Velcro strips
  • Self-adhesive Velcro strips for the helmet included in the scope of delivery
  • Fleece surfaces for attaching patches
  • Velcro surface at the back for attaching a helmet compensation pocket
  • IRR / NIR treated fabric
  • made in Germany

MaterialCordura® polyamide 6.6
Country of originDE

Crewman helmet cover - nothing but quality workmanship on your head

Bundeswehr combat helmets are available in many variations - one of them is the so-called "Crewman". If you call this model your work tool, you certainly don't want to use it completely "naked". Don't worry, because we have the matching Bundeswehr helmet cover! The Crewman helmet cover from Zentauron was specially developed for the helmet of the same name and combines seamless fit, functionality and camouflage.

Customized construction for the "Crewman" helmet

Some Bundeswehr helmet covers do not fit properly and are therefore difficult to use. There are often difficulties, especially when every second counts. To prevent this from happening to you, we have adapted the shape of the Crewman helmet cover exactly to the helmet of the same name - it fits like a second skin!

Installation is also absolutely soldier-proof - the cover can be attached to the helmet quickly, easily and securely using the self-adhesive Velcro strips included in the scope of delivery. Thanks to the precise fit, the part stays firmly in place even under extreme conditions - for example when you're sliding through dense undergrowth or crawling through fine-grained sand - nothing wobbles!

Can be adapted to your intentions

Not every mission is the same, so the demands on a soldier's personal equipment are correspondingly different and varied - and we are well aware of this. The Crewman helmet cover allows for extensive personalization - patches and identification marks can be attached to the fleece areas provided for this purpose, depending on the mission and personal preferences.

The Velcro area at the back of the cover can be used to attach a helmet balancing pocket, which is particularly useful when using night vision goggles as it optimizes weight distribution - after all, nothing helps if your head is constantly being pulled forwards or backwards, right?

Durable material for extreme environments

The everyday life of a soldier can be unpleasant at times - you can expect harsh weather conditions, hectic and rough scenarios, possibly battles and fast movement through unpleasant terrain. The Bundeswehr helmet cover crewman must also be able to withstand such scenarios, and as unscathed as possible.

To ensure this, the Crewman helmet cover is made from robust Cordura® polyamide 6.6, offering exceptional resistance to abrasion and damage. In addition, the fabric is equipped with IRR / NIR camouflage technology, which ensures effective camouflage in a variety of lighting conditions - just right for the job.

Available in three strategic color variants - this is how camouflage works!

Since a soldier's operational situations can take place in a wide variety of environments, the camouflage must be just right. We offer the Crewman helmet cover in three strategic color variants to ensure that you are not so quickly detected and therefore not so quickly combated, and that you adapt perfectly to the flora and fauna of your area of operation.

Each color option is specifically designed to provide effective camouflage in different terrains, from dense forests to urban or desert-like areas:

  • Flecktarn: Ideal for operations in Central European forests or grasslands, Flecktarn provides good camouflage through its proven pattern. Very well known and particularly used by the Bundeswehr and other international armed forces.
  • Stone Gray Olive: This more neutral and versatile option is very suitable for mixed and urban environments where less specific camouflage is required. Stone Gray Olive offers a subtle yet effective blend of natural and man-made textures.
  • Tropical / Desert Camouflage: Designed for operations in arid and dry areas, Tropical / Desert Camouflage provides the right camouflage in desert and steppe landscapes. This pattern is essential for operations under extreme sun and heat conditions - in a sandy landscape, a pleasant, lush green would hardly do.

Made in Germany - we are committed to quality

The Crewman helmet cover is manufactured entirely in Germany, which enables us to ensure continuous quality assurance and compliance with the highest production standards. In this way, we ensure that each item meets the demanding expectations of our customers in terms of quality, durability and functionality.

Conclusion: durable, perfect fit, flexible

Would you like to buy the Crewman helmet cover? Then you can expect a product that offers the right outer skin for the Crewman ballistic combat helmet thanks to its tailored fit, modular customization options and the use of high-quality materials - the perfect combination of protection, camouflage and personalization.

What are you waiting for? Add the absolutely soldier-proof Crewman Bundeswehr helmet cover to your shopping cart today and add it to your personal equipment soon!

Scope of delivery

  • 1x CREWMAN helmet cover

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