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Zentauron Faststick System

When attaching MOLLE / PALS bags with webbing, two basic problems arise. First, webbing is generally relatively soft and therefore difficult to push through the loops. Second: Once all loops are used, the vertical webbing strip must still be secured at the bottom, which can be done with snaps or similar.

The Zentauron Faststick system solves both problems in an elegant way and does completely without snaps, buckles or other extra components.

Close-up of the Zentauron Faststick system, two webbing straps whose ends are double stitched.

The webbing on Zentauron bags is reinforced at the end to create a sort of "stick". This is achieved by double stitching the webbing. In addition, a strip of PE-HD (High-Density Polyethylene) is sewn between the webbing for extra stability.

With the help of this "stick", the webbing can now be easily pushed through the PALS loops. And the attachment at the end is also simple: the "stick" is simply pushed once through all the loops. For more detailed information on how to use it, see our step-by-step instructions for attaching MOLLE / PALS pouches.