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Faststick System

Faststick SystemThe Faststick System works as fastener to mount bags to backpacks or wests.
The 2 cm wide straps on the back of the bags are reinforced by plastic on their ends and
modular loops are placed on the same side.

The principle is as simple as ingenious:
The bag is looped with Faststick for example on a west. The ends are looped through the first loop of the carrier and then through the loops of the bag. This is continued until only the reinforcement of the webbing is left. The end is  put back so that there is nothing visible at the bottom. This way the bag is attached strong and safe to the equipment. The number of webbings depends on the size of the bag.

The advantage of this method is that you have multiple possibilities to equip your west, backpack and so on. Depending on the requirement, your gear can be customized without the need to buy a whole new system. Our system is not only compatible among itself but can also be used with other systems such as IDZ.

This video demonstrates the correct usage of the Faststick System.
As a general rule: Always use as much loops as possible!