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Manufacturing of OEM products

As a manufactory, we manufacture our products in Germany, placing great emphasis on a high level of vertical integration and close cooperation with our suppliers. This approach enables us to offer you products of high quality and reliability. We operate both as a small batch manufacturer and as a large sewing shop and are therefore able to offer a wide range of services.

Our experience includes OEM development and production of tactical equipment. We also specialize in OEM production of designer slugs, outdoor backpacks and bags, transport bags, covers for vehicles, pack containers, belts, harnesses as well as high quality merchandise. In addition, we offer various transport bags for equipment, gear and operational clothing and work in cooperation with other companies on tenders.

Our goal is to offer you tailor-made solutions and to meet your requirements in the best possible way. Thanks to our manufactory and large-scale sewing shop, we can flexibly respond to your needs and provide you with products of outstanding quality.

Contract sewing and OEM products

Our extensive range of services includes contract sewing for individual textile products as well as the production of OEM products. As a contract sewing company, we offer you the opportunity to implement your specific requirements in terms of textile products. We are able to produce small series as well as large series for tenders or trade. In doing so, we work closely with you to implement your ideas and requirements and ensure smooth production.

Furthermore, we act as an OEM manufacturer and are able to produce all your components or products and distribute them under your label. As an original equipment manufacturer, we have many years of experience in the development and production of tactical equipment as well as other textile products. Our manufacturing processes are characterized by high quality and attention to detail.

In which segments can we offer our services?

Our expertise covers the outdoor, leisure and sports, hunting and forestry, rescue and recovery, and industrial and workingware sectors. We are equipped with a variety of machines to process a wide range of materials. These include light and heavy sewing machines suitable for different types of fabrics. In addition, we use ultrasonic welding technology to achieve airtight and watertight seals. With our 2.60 meter wide cutter, we also offer contract cutting service. Both hand cutting and laser cutting are among our capabilities.

We strive to meet your individual requirements in the best possible way and offer you high-quality products. We focus on precision and efficiency to exceed your expectations and ensure long-term cooperation.

Environmental awareness

At Zentauron, environmental awareness is an important part of our philosophy. Our company places great emphasis on using environmentally friendly materials in the production of equipment and textiles and ensuring a sustainable production process.

One example of this is the use of Ökotex materials used in the production of textiles. Ökotex-certified materials are free of harmful chemicals and are produced in an environmentally friendly manner. We rely on these materials to ensure that the products manufactured are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Another factor is proximity to suppliers. Working closely with local suppliers not only ensures the quality of materials, but also minimizes transportation and associated CO₂ emissions.

In addition to using environmentally friendly materials and working with local suppliers, we also rely on production in Germany. This not only increases quality and flexibility, but also minimizes CO₂ emissions from long transport routes. The "Made in Germany" label is a sign of the high quality and environmental friendliness of Zentauron products.

At Zentauron, environmental awareness is not just a buzzword, but an important part of the corporate philosophy. By using environmentally friendly materials, cooperating with local suppliers and producing in Germany, Zentauron contributes to the protection of our environment.

Why Zentauron?

Zentauron has been on the market since 2010 and during this time has established itself as a reliable partner for the development and production of tactical equipment. Our fast and efficient way of working enables us to deliver everything from conception to production from a single source within the shortest possible time.

We always work closely with our customers and implement their individual requirements and wishes. Our many years of experience in the OEM development and production of tactical equipment have enabled us to acquire a wide range of know-how and enable us to respond to each request individually.