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    Military backpack in Flecktarn with Molle system to which are attached additional pouches

    Military backpacks with MOLLE system

    Most models of our Bundeswehr or Army backpacks are equipped with the MOLLE system. MOLLE is the abbreviation for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. With MOLLE, can be attached according to the individual requirements of the wearer, additional accessories. MOLLE is also available on our tactical outdoor backpacks. They can also be equipped with additional pockets.

    The areas of application range from outdoor, hiking, trekking, leisure to professional use by the German Armed Forces, police and rescue services. The models range from the small 13 liter daypack to the large outdoor frame backpack with 65 liters volume.

    There will be backpacks in colors: Flecktarn, Multicam, Multicam Black, Tropic Camo, Coyote, Comcamo and black.

    Military backpack with additional pockets in a dry lake

    Backpacks for duty and leisure

    Here you will find our backpacks for the transport of their personal belongings for the service or him their leisure.

    The Zentauron backpacks that meet the high requirements of service in the army, police and special forces. They can be used just as well as tactical outdoor backpack, in leisure, hiking, bushcraft and travel.

    Combined with our accessories, which include side pockets and MOLLE pouches, you can customize their carrying concept to suit their mission and requirements.

    In our range you will find backpacks for different loads and have a wide choice of features. We have models that have been developed for different areas of use.

    We always process durable materials, so that you as a wearer have long what from their product.

    Zentauron backpack on camel in the desert

    Manufacture of backpacks

    In our production mainly Cordura, which is made of polyamide, is used. This material is very robust and is equipped according to the TL of the Bundeswehr or Mil-Spec, depending on the fabric.

    The fabric has a PU coating and is FU impregnated, which ensures durability and weather resistance. This applies in particular to the German spot camouflage patterns, the tropical camouflage and the stone gray-olive.

    These colors are offered for the German army and military backpacks. We also produce backpacks in the camouflage color Multicam. These colors are used for example by the US military. For everyday use we offer backpacks in black, coyote brown and Multicam Black. Of course, you can also wear these colors in your free time.