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Quick-draw magazine pouch P8 Velcro

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  • Velcro magazine pouch: hook and loop Velcro for attaching to the plate carrier
  • Hybrid solution made of Cordura & Kydex: The magazine pouch is made of robust Cordura, the Kydex profile is pressed together with strong elastic cords, allowing the contact pressure to be individually adjusted
  • Secure hold: The inside of the magazine pouch is equipped with a tarpaulin which, in combination with the adjustable elastic cords, ensures a particularly firm hold for the magazine
  • High draw and return speed
  • For all standard double-row submachine gun magazines as well as MP5 magazines and MP7 magazines
  • made in Germany

Exterior materialVelcro
Lining materialPVC tarpaulin
Connection typeVelcro
Width (cm)3.5
Height (cm)10.0
Depth (cm)2.0
Volume (litres)0.0
Country of originDE

Zentauron quick-draw magazine pouch - your loyal operational companion

The robust magazine pouch from Zentauron is a practical companion for military and police operations.

Robust P8 magazine pouch bag made in Germany

The pistol magazine pouch is made of robust Cordura® material and Kydex®. This makes it the ideal hybrid solution for all common double-row pistol magazines such as P8 magazines. Made in Germany, the outdoor pouch is particularly durable thanks to strong, hard-wearing seams.

The vertical magazine pouch is equipped with elastic cords that can be individually adjusted. The elastic cords ensure that the tactical magazine pouch has a particularly high draw and return speed. For an extremely secure hold, the cords can be adjusted so that the pistol magazine sits firmly in the pouch. In addition, the inside of the quick-draw pouch is lined with tarpaulin, a material that also ensures a firm hold.

Thanks to the flat and tactical design of the magazine pouch, it can be worn very well on tactical plate carriers and protective vests. The attachment is clear and practical: Velcro is attached to two sides of the pouch, with loop fasteners on one side and hook and loop on the other. This allows the magazine pouch to be stowed in the front pocket or on the cummerbund of plate carriers, for example, to save space. The magazine pouch can also be attached to the Velcro pockets of protective vests. By using Velcro magazine pouches, the user has more free MOLLE space, which can be equipped with additional equipment.

Equipment pouch at a glance

  • Material: Cordura® polyamide 6.6 and Kydex®
  • Hook and loop on one side
  • Velcro on the other side
  • Made in Germany quality

Additional information

Magazines that can be used with the P8 Velcro quick-draw pouch:

  • Bul ltd. M5 Government (1911 with double row magazine cal. .45 ACP)
  • HK 45 / HK 45 Compact (cal. .45 ACP)
  • HK P30 / SFP9 (cal. 9mm Luger)
  • HK USP, P8 (9mm Luger)
  • HK USP, MK23 (cal. .45 ACP)
  • HK USP Compact / P10 (cal. 9mm Luger)
  • SIG Sauer P226 (and X-Series) (cal. 9mm Luger)
  • Glock standard and competition models up to cal. .40 S&W
  • Glock compact models up to cal. .40 S&W
  • Glock subcompact models up to cal. 40 S&W (double-barreled)
  • Glock standard and competition models in cal. .45 ACP / 10mm Auto
  • Glock compact models in cal. .45 ACP / 10mm Auto

Scope of delivery

1 x quick-draw magazine pouch P8 Velcro

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