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Riflescope Bag

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  • Protective bag for riflescopes padded and with handle
  • Protective bag is attached to the rifle scope and weapon with webbing
  • Four accessory compartments inside
  • Robust zipper to open the bag
  • MOLLE mount on the side of the protective bag for additional accessory bags
  • Made in Germany

MaterialCordura® polyamide 6.6
WebbingPolyamide 6.6
Closure typeZipper
Width (cm)45.0
Height (cm)9.0
Depth (cm)7.5
Volume (litres)0.0
Material composition100% polyamide
Country of originGermany

The Zentauron riflescope bag is based on tried and tested design, but it adds also military attributes. The synergies of protection and ergonomics of this bag enhances the ability, to optimize position of the weapon and appropriate material. The bag can be opened completely by zipper and  uncovers 4 inside laying pockets. Small materials and administrative accessories can be stored here. The bag is fully padded to provide effective protection for the optics during the transport of the weapon. The zipper can also be easily closed around the riflescope, if it's mounted on the rifle, so that penetration of dust and dirt are effectively prevented.

The belt hand- and carrying handles are sewn on and fixed to the sides of the riflescope bag, they are extended downwards and can be closed over 2 plug-in closures. This allows a conveniently and securely placement of the rifle under the riflescope bag. As the belts are sewn on to the sides of the bag, the weight of the weapon is passed to the carrying handles, the delicate riflescope in the pocket is not strained  with the weight of the weapon. With this system even heavy weapon systems such as the G 82 can be transported very well.

The riflescope bag of Zentauron meets all military requirements, both in terms of manufacturing and in selection of the materials. Furthermore, we have placed great emphasis on the fact, that the riflescope bag leaves no wish unfulfilled in terms of camouflage. All used components are infrared remission-controlled and meet the needs of a modern sniper and marksman.

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  • 1x Riflescope Bag

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