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First Aid Bag Hunting Basic SET

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  • Complete outdoor emergency kit: The Hunting Basic SET first aid bag offers a comprehensive emergency kit especially for outdoor use.
  • Effective haemostasis with C-A-T RESOURCES® GEN7 Tourniquet®: The eye-catching tourniquet enables quick and effective haemostasis for serious injuries.
  • Easy to use for professionals and beginners: Sterile packed first aid materials in the bag are easy to use, even in hectic situations.
  • Protection against hypothermia with a rescue blanket: The rescue blanket offers easy-to-use protection against the cold, an essential item for hunters, soldiers and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Safety for every situation: Whether hunting or in the great outdoors - the set ensures safety in every emergency and exceptional situation in the wild.

Material100 % Polyester
Width (cm)14.0
Height (cm)20.0
Depth (cm)6.0
Volume (litres)1.6
Country of originDE

First Aid Bag Hunting Basic SET: Complete emergency equipment for hunters

Always prepared: The ultimate outdoor emergency equipment set

With the Hunting Basic SET first aid bag, hunters are ideally prepared for emergencies. This comprehensive set offers a complete emergency kit that is specially tailored to the needs of the outdoors - whether for quickly stopping bleeding in the event of injuries or for rescue in difficult terrain.

Quick help for injuries: Hemostasis made easy

The set contains a variety of life-saving tools, including the C-A-T RESOURCES® GEN7 Combat Application Tourniquet® in eye-catching orange for quick and effective haemostasis in the event of serious injuries. The tourniquet is likely to be familiar to soldiers in the German armed forces in particular: This piece of equipment can literally save lives with particularly serious wounds that are accompanied by heavy blood loss.

First aid equipment for professionals and beginners

The enclosed bag is filled with a selection of high-quality first aid materials. Each item is sterile-packed and easy to use. From the nextRESCUE® trauma bandage to the tactical EMT clothing scissors. To ensure rapid treatment even in hectic and confusing situations, all items of equipment are easy to use, even by non-professionals. Nevertheless, basic first aid knowledge is always recommended!

Contents of the Basic SET at a glance

  • C-A-T RESOURCES® GEN7 Combat Application Tourniquet®
  • nextRESCUE® Emergency bandage / Trauma bandage
  • nextRESCUE® Compressed Gauze z-folded
  • nextRESCUE® Resuscitation drape with key ring
  • nextRESCUE® Rescue Blanket / Survival Blanket
  • nextRESCUE® examination gloves (size L and XL)
  • Holthaus medical YPSILIN® wound cleansing wipe
  • SÖHNGEN® aluderm® dressing packs DIN
  • SÖHNGEN® aluderm® compress
  • SÖHNGEN® aluderm®-aluplast assortment for DIN 13157
  • BurnShield® Gel Sachet hydrogel bag
  • nextRESCUE® Hair tweezers / Cilia tweezers
  • nextRESCUE® tick card with magnifying glass
  • nextRESCUE® Tactical EMT Clothing Scissors
  • Langer® signal whistle according to EN 394
  • nextRESCUE® permanent marker with hook on lid
  • nextRESCUE® table of contents

The equipment highlights

1. 1st C-A-T RESOURCES® GEN7 Combat Application Tourniquet®

The included tourniquet is a well-known life-saving tool to stop bleeding quickly and effectively without having to go to great lengths. The eye-catching orange color also increases visibility and makes it easier to use in an emergency and in the dark.

2. nextRESCUE® emergency bandage / trauma bandage

This bandage enables fast and safe treatment of heavily bleeding wounds. It is easy to use and is suitable for professionals and beginners alike - a classic part of any first aid kit.

3. nextRESCUE® Compressed Gauze z-folded

Sterile packed, compressed gauze bandage for the treatment of open wounds. The z-folded design facilitates quick and safe application.

4. nextRESCUE® Resuscitation drape with key ring

The resuscitation drape is an important first aid tool and protects against direct contact during mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. This also protects the user's health, especially in times of increased risk of infection. The key fob also ensures quick access.

5. nextRESCUE® rescue blanket / survival blanket

The rescue blanket protects against the cold and offers protection against hypothermia. An indispensable item for hunters, soldiers or outdoor enthusiasts - easy to use and yet particularly effective!

6. nextRESCUE® examination gloves (size L and XL)

Sterile examination gloves for the hygienic handling of injuries and for self-protection - also primarily to reduce the risk of infection.

7 Holthaus medical YPSILIN® wound cleansing wipe

The wound cleansing wipe is used to clean wounds and injuries quickly and effectively.

...and many other high-quality components to keep you safe in any emergency or exceptional situation in the wild.

Safety wherever you go

With the Hunting Basic SET first aid bag, you have a comprehensive emergency kit with you that has been specially developed for outdoor use. Whether you are hunting or simply enjoying the great outdoors - your safety comes first, always.

Scope of delivery

  • First aid bag Hunting Basic SET