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For work and leisure: High-quality T-shirts made of Lyocell

T-shirts are the ideal basics that no closet should be without. There are a few properties that you require. They must be comfortable and lie pleasantly on the skin, because only in rare cases do you put something on underneath. They also have to be robust, breathable and quick to clean. The Bundeswehr T-shirt made of 100 percent Lyocell offers you exactly these advantages. This makes it perfect for all situations. Not only soldiers benefit from this modern material, but also athletes, police officers and people who travel a lot.

What is Lyocell?

Lyocell is a material whose basic building blocks are cellulose. In a chemical process, manufacturers produce the fibers with the help of a solvent. What sounds like a lot of chemistry actually takes place according to environmentally friendly criteria. Wood, which usually comes from sustainable forestry, serves as the basic material. This also applies to the lyocell from which our shirts are made. That is why they receive an Ökotex Standard 100 label.

Through this process, manufacturers take advantage of the best properties of the cellulose in the fiber of lyocell. Unlike synthetic fibers, no adaptable plastic is used here, yet the material can be optimized.
The production of Lyocell

So how exactly does the production of Lyocell take place?

First, manufacturers soak small wood chips to extract the pulp. Originally, they used the wood of the eucalyptus tree for this purpose. For ecological reasons, material with an FSC certificate is now used. This abbreviation stands for Forest Stewardship Council and indicates sustainable forest management.

The producers mix the pulp obtained with an organic solvent and water. Here, too, they attach importance to environmental compatibility. Finally, they heat the pulp under a vacuum and remove the water. This dissolves the cellulose and forms a spinning solution. This is filtered, pressed through spinnerets and then fed into a spinning bath. The resulting fibers are used as starting material for fabrics.

The solvent that the producers use for production can be recovered up to 99 percent. This means they can use it again.
The advantages of Lyocell

Lyocell is not only convincing due to its sustainable production. It also offers several advantages, thanks to which it has become a popular material in fashion. These include:

  • pleasant feel
  • high moisture absorption
  • long durability
  • breathable
  • suitable for sensitive skin
  • reduces bacterial growth
  • low tendency to wrinkle
  • temperature regulating properties

Temperature regulation

Lyocell offers equally pleasant wearing comfort in winter and summer. On hot days, it has a slightly cooling effect. The moisture trapped in the fibers evaporates and so the fabric creates a cool feeling on the skin. Linen has a similar effect, but this material is much stiffer and creases more quickly.

On the other hand, the slightly velvety surface provides a warming effect in cold temperatures. It traps heat and thus prevents the body from cooling down, similar to wool. At the same time, however, Lyocell is soft and pleasant without being scratchy. This suits people with sensitive skin or neurodermatitis.
Moisture absorption

Lyocell absorbs a lot of water, 50 percent more than cotton. It releases the moisture directly and thus dries again quickly. Cotton would take considerably longer. This not only ensures a pleasant feeling on the skin. Lyocell has an antibacterial effect, which is why no unpleasant odors arise.

This property makes Bundeswehr T-shirts the perfect garment for athletes. They are also ideal as undershirts. This is ensured by the skin-friendly structure of the material.


Despite all these effects that Lyocell brings, the material is soft on the skin due to the smooth fiber structure. It resembles silk in texture. As a result, the fabric prevents skin irritation. An advantage from which people with neurodermatitis benefit. The difficulty here is to find a material that does not additionally irritate the skin. Lyocell has therefore developed into a fabric that is indispensable in summer as well as in winter. Even under a sweater, it optimally protects the skin from irritation.

Lyocell - the fabric for everyday use

Lyocell offers high tear resistance and perfectly accepts colors. The individual properties ensure that everyday situations are no longer a problem in a shirt made of this fabric. The dimensionally stable structure ensures high quality. Garments made of Lyocell convince with a long service life. The good wearing feel ensures optimum comfort, no matter what the situation.

Armed Forces T-shirt made of Lyocell - perfect in all situations

The T-shirt made of 100 percent Lyocell not only convinces with its classic cut and neutral colors. It also offers you a perfect companion for any situation, no matter what the season.

Soldiers and policemen

Originally, this Bundeswehr T-shirt was mainly used as equipment for soldiers. Thanks to its long life and practical features, it fits perfectly under the uniform or to sports activities. This positive effect also proved itself during foreign missions. Here, different climatic conditions come up to the wearers and the robust, temperature-regulating material is perfectly suitable for it.

This shirt is also ideal for police officers. It withstands stressful situations and fits under the uniform. After work, this can be changed quickly and the shirt can then be worn as everyday clothing.


The neutral Bundeswehr T-shirt is not only convincing under the uniform. Athletes also benefit from the versatile properties of the material. For example, it does not rub during movement, absorbs moisture and releases it quickly. This in turn prevents unpleasant odors, because bacteria don't stand a chance. Therefore, even a long work-out is no problem for Lyocell.

Outdoor and travelers

A single shirt that offers many different uses benefits people who travel a lot. No matter if it is a business trip or an adventure trip. The Bundeswehr T-shirt can be used in many different ways. It is also easy to clean. At home, the program for delicates is sufficient; on the road, hand washing often serves its purpose. Since Lyocell hardly accumulates bacteria, it does not require high temperatures for cleaning.

Another advantage is that it is suitable under shirts, for sports or everyday wear. The wide range of uses provides a shirt for all occasions, so you need less luggage. People who like to spend time outdoors for outdoor activities will also find in this the perfect outfit for any weather. In warm weather, the shirt alone is sufficient as outerwear and has a cooling effect. If the temperatures drop at nightfall, it fits under a sweater and warms additionally.