Dump Bags 

    Tactical Dump Pouch

    The Zentauron Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment (MOLLE) dump pouch adheres to the strictest military, police, and special forces requirements. Each Zentauron dump pouch provides users with extra space without added weight or snag hazards through the most advanced materials and production techniques. 

    A Practical Solution for Tactical Needs

    A tactical dump pouch enables users to quickly move from one place to another without feeling its presence. A reliable brand like Zentauron guarantees maximum safety and convenience without any resistance.

    Additionally, any user can operate a Zentauron pouch with one hand. With a Cordura polyamide 6.6 material and Velcro seal, we guarantee that nothing gets lost in these products.

    Our Dump Pouches Are Available in Multiple Sizes

    • Dump Pouch: At only 0.12 kg, we recommend this big bag for individuals who need to carry massive loads. It can effectively hold up to five liters.

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    • Dump Pouch Medium: Like the big pouch, we recommend this bag for individuals who need extra storage space. It can carry up to three liters.

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    • Dump Pouch Light: We recommend this product for those who prefer ultra-light storage at only 0.06 kg. This bag can carry up to five liters.

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    A Tactical Dump Pouch Has Many Uses

    Manufacturers initially developed these products to cater to the needs of men and women in uniform, but their advantages have put them in the limelight. These bags allow them to quickly store and retrieve essential items during their mission, from magazines to malfunctioning equipment to papers.

    However, many civilians discovered the advantages of using a MOLLE dump pouch and started taking them on different adventures. For instance, firefighters and hunters now use them for storing things like breaching charges, SSE items, and extra water bottles.

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    Elevate your dump pouch game today with Zentauron. We guarantee you’ve never experienced anything close to our products before.

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