Dump Bags 

    Tactical Dump Pouch

    The Zentauron Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment (MOLLE) Dump Pouch meets the needs of military, law enforcement and special forces. Using state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing techniques, each Zentauron Dump Pouch provides the user with additional storage space.

    The Pouch is a folding pouch that is used with carrying systems with MOLLE system. The pouch is very space efficient when closed and can be opened and unfolded as needed. Thus, various items can be accommodated in the bag. Dump pouches and bags are available in different sizes.

    The dump pouches are mainly attached to:


    Exercises with the weapon is especially pronounced in the soldier, here the dump pouch is well suited to store the empty magazines. This can be useful both on the shooting range, as well as field exercises. In active duty and firefights, they can easily and quickly stow empty magazines and other items.


    The police and their forces also have many exercises where empty magazines need to be stowed. Furthermore, the Dump Pouch can be used in the daily police service for temporary storage of seized objects.

    Further application possibilities

    As a secondary application, the Dump Pouch can also be used in civilian, work and leisure. Provided there is a belt, carrying system or even backpack with MOLLE system available can be foldable bag for example the waste tour to collect or small items and lost and found to stow.