Our Trekkpack System can be converted from a lightweight daypack to a full trekking backpack and everything in between by using the optional accessories.

Trekkpack Backpack

The idea behind the Trekkpack from Zentauron is, to produce a luggage, which is normally in use by military units, in the same strong quality for civilian users. We have developed the trekkpack based on our „Mission Backpack Specialized“, this exceptionally sturdy backpack can be set up with the optionally available accessories from a light daypack to a full-size trekking backpack.

The support system consists of ergonomically shaped shoulder straps and back cushions as well as a padded hip belt. The Trekkpack waist belt can be worn with the optional Trekkpack waist bag either independently or on the side of the backpack as an additional bag. The waist belt has modular loops on both sides, where you can attach additional equipment like smart phone pouches, drinking bottle bags or similar things.

Inside, the Trekkpack has two mesh pouches, where you can store miscellaneous things. A large slot-compartment, where you can insert a plastic reinforcement if required, serves to distribute loads during heavy loading, the wearing comfort is so significantly improved.

On the front are 2 bags installed, the upper, sewn-on bag, is thought for smaller items, which you use often, the lower, bigger bag, is completely detachable over a splitted zipper and can be used as separate shoulder bag (the carrying strap is in the delivery included). Modular loops are attached to the sides of the backpack and on the detachable bag, so the Trekkpack can be extended with side bags or other smaller pouches.

Trekkpack Waist Bag

This waist bag is designed as an extension for the Zentauron Trekkpack and can be used either sideways on the waist belt of the backpack or individually as a single hip bag together with the waist belt. This Lumbarbag is easy and fast to remove, so that you have it on the one side fast on hand or you can quickly dispose unnecessary equipment on the other side. Equipment, that is already attached to the hip belt via the modular loop, can so be used further without much effort. The waist bag has a big main compartment and a small front pocket, both are closed with a zipper.

Trekkpack Side Bags

These side-bags (one pair) are specially designed for the Trekkpack. The front side is slanted, so that the use of the zipper of the main compartment is not hindered and can be opened completely. Even up to 1.5 l PET-bottles can be stored in the bag. The bag can be securely attached to the backpack by two separate fast-stick uptakes. With these side-bags, the load on your Trekkpack can be increased by 5 liters (per bag)Trekkpack Waist Belt.

Trekkpack GP Pouch Quadro

The pouch is designed to take small things such as gloves, batteries and other small items. For the smallest parts, there are inside two mesh inserts for better organization of the content. The GP Pouch Quadro has been designed as an extension for the Trekkpack system and can be attached to the Trekkpack itself or to the Trekkpack waist belt. In addition, the GP Pouch Quadro can be fastened with our Faststick system almost everywhere, where Molle loops are installed.

Trekkpack Accessory Pouch

The accessory pouch is the allrounder in the Trekkbag-family. Drinking bottles and similar large objects can be transported. It can be fastened to all modular loops on the backpack or with the Zentauron faststicks on the waist belt or in case of need at normal trouser-girdles. On the front is a small luggage net installed, in which objects can be placed, which have to be taken out quickly.

Trekkpack Waist Belt

The trekkpack waist belt can be used with it's special velcro attachment as a stabilizing waist belt for the Trekkpack as well as an independent waist belt in conjunction with the Trekkpack waist bag. An additional Velcro strip is attached inside, so that the hip bag can also be securely attached to the backpack during use. On the outside there are modular loops on which additional pouches can be attached. The Trekkpack waist belt can be individually adjusted in conjunction with the Trekkpack hip bag to a length of max. 125 cm (waist circumference).