Vulcan I SK4 Set HSJ05

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MaterialGewebe 100% Polyamid (DuPont Cordura®), 3D-Mesh Abstandsgewirk, Gurtband Polyamid, Klett

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The Vulcan is the first plate carrier Zentauron has developed. It can be equipped  with two ceramic plates SAPI of the size M and side plates or soft ballistics in the Vulcan ballistic cummerbund. On the front - and the backside are large Velcro flaps with which you can adjust and close the cummerbund. In the front flap is a special pocket, which is closed with velcro. There you can deposit forinstance velcro-magazine-pouches or similar things.

Exterior you can connect with loops in 3 rows with 6 channels 3x the  Double Magazine Pouch Standard or Double Quick Draw Pouch G 36. Upon this you find a modular surface with 6 rows and 7 channels, from which 2 are covered with velcro. The back-side of the plate carrier is also porvided with modular loops, additional you find a  velcro salvage-handle. On the inside is the opening to the plate pocket and additional two ergonomically shaped pads, which increase comfort and airing significantly. In the cummerbunds you can deposit pouches, ballistic inlays and plates.

The Vulcan is the optimum solution for vehicle crews, because the highest possible flexibility is achieved. In combination with a  SK 1 vest you get a high level of protection and modularity.

The Body Armor Plate:
It's a used, but unfired hardballistic ceramic plate (production year 2005). This body armor plate can be used almost in all provided ballistic vests and -systems. The german protection class IV includes the protection classes I – III, it gives a bullet-proof protection up to caliber 308 Winchester VMS (full metal jacket) / HK  (hard core) with a maximum impact velocity of 830 m/s and a bullet weight of max. 9,75 grams.

Reachable is the german protection class IV only with a conforming ballistic vest with minimum protection class I. It's not a stand-alone-plate. The ceramic plate is suitable for both the front and the back!

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x Plate carrier Vulcan I
  • 2 x used but unfired hardballistic ceramic plate (Mehler), production year 2005


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Vulcan I SK4 Set HSJ05

Vulcan I SK4 Set HSJ05



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