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Volumen (Liter)13

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The Sprinter Pack SET is a combination of the Sprinter Pack and the Sprinter Pack Side Bags (pair). So that you are well prepared for your day's march.

The ZentauroN Sprinter Pack measures by volume approx. 13 l and is designed as an extended drinking pack. As it is customary by ZentauroN, the backpack offers a robust processing coupled with a high degree of modularity. You can rely on this small backpack.

_DQ_0882.jpgOn the front are two fleece-velcro-surfaces, in the upper area of 5 x 10 cm for ID or reflex patches, in the lower area a name band can be attached. In between are 5 rows with 6 channels MOLLE sewn. Here you can loop in ammunition magazine- or grenade pouches for yourself and your comrades. On the sides are also MOLLE loops, here you can attach for instance drinking bottle bags. In addition, 2 com- pression straps are sewn, with which the load together with the side pockets can be brought close to the body. In the military colors, such as 5FT, 3FT, Oliv, Coyote, Multicam and Pencott, only materials of absolutely military quality are used, which correspond to the camouflage specifications of the german Bundeswehr and other armies, especially for the multispectral camouflage requirements in the infrared range.

Inside the backpack there is a compartment with a suspension for the water bubble. On the opposite side, fleece-velcro is sewn, to which you can attach the velcro wallet, keeping valuables secure (with the back- pack included) or the optional available TTS Net Module or the TTS Multifit Patch. 

The carrying system is comfortably padded and covered with 3D mesh. This makes the Sprinter Pack always comfortable to wear, even when it's hot. A chest strap provides additional stability. Mounts for an optional available waist belt are also being present. The shoulder straps can be opened with one buckle, so the backpack can be dropped quickly or also be removed or put on while lying down.

The ideal addition to the Sprinter Day Pack are the two Side Bags, which are offered in pairs. Laterally connected to the Sprinter Pack via MOLLE, you have the opportunity to take a 1 liter bottle of water on the right and left. The side bags are closed by a zip with pull tab. Height ca. 32 cm, width 8 cm and depth 8 cm.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Sprinter Pack
  • 2x Sprinter Pack Side Bag


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Sprinter Pack SET

Sprinter Pack SET


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