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Skala Tourniquet

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  • Tourniquet for setting critical injuries.
  • Holding mechanism without Velcro to prevent malfunctions caused by dirt and blood.
  • Opening/closing mechanism is made of aluminium
  • Manual in English language with pictures.
  • Low weight of 65g.

Width (cm)6.0
Height (cm)16.0
Depth (cm)3.5
Volume (litres)0.0

The Stop Bleeding Tourniquet (S.B.T.) is a tactical limb binding system manufactured in Europe. The S.B.T. is used for critical bleeding of extremities and is an effective blood block as it is used in tactical emergency medicine, but also increasingly in civil medicine.

The Tourniquet's robust opening/closing mechanism made of aircraft aluminium favours its use in third-party systems and one-handed systems. The system takes place above the critical bleeding with the internal ligament. By tightening the strap, pressure is built up and the plastic gag continues to work until the bleeding is blocked. The gag is hooked into the locking system in C-shape and secured by the TIME label Velcro. The time of the installation must be documented on this inscription field and the fastest possible further processing must be initiated.

The holding mechanism is without velcro surfaces, so that restrictions caused by dirt, grass, blood etc. are minimized. The S.B.T saves lives, as it can prevent the bleeding of the patient when used correctly and properly. The Tourniquet is accompanied by instructions in English with pictures.

S.B.T. Tourniquet uses proven advantages of other setting systems (CAT/SOF). At the same time, existing disadvantages of existing setting systems were reduced. The S.B.T is thus a successful hybrid "made in Europe" and fits into various ZentauroN Medic Pouches like the Tourniquet Pouch, in which it must not be missing during missions and for emergencies.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Skala Tourniquet