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Ballistic insert NIJ Level 3A war belt

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  • soft ballistic insert for centauron armband
  • NIJ level III corresponds to the German SK1
  • protects hips, spine and vessels against splinters and ammunition up to .45 ACP

Protection class (NIJ)III A
ConstructionSoft ballistics

The ballistic protection insert is certified according to the American protection class NIJ-Level IIIA. The German protection class (SK 1) and the American NIJ Level IIIA (National Institute of Justice, research centre of the Ministry of Justice) correspond approximately to the same standard.

Both define the protection against common short weapons, shrapnel and shot, whereby the calibres used are similar.
The NIJ Level 3A ballistic insert provides protection against splinters and ammunition up to.45 ACP, protecting the hip, spine and the larger internal vessels.
This ballistic insert fits into the ZentauroN fighter belt as well as into tactical belts from other manufacturers.
A damp cloth is used to care for the ballistic insert.

Scope of supply

  • 1x Ballistic insert NIJ Level 3A fighter belt

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Ballistic insert NIJ Level 3A war belt

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