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Ballistic Inserts (Front and Back)

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  • soft ballistic inserts made of armid tissue,
  • suitable for all Vulcan plate carriers,
  • as a supplement for SK4 ceramic plates

Exterior materialPolyamide
Width (cm)25.5
Height (cm)30.5
Protection class (NIJ)III A
ConstructionSoft ballistics

Ballistic Inserts (Front and Back) for Plate Carriers 

We also offer the SK1 inserts for the Plate Carrier Vulcan and Vulcan II. New softballistic inserts as a supplement for SK4 ceramic plates. With this set, consisting of two softballistic inserts made of aramide fabric, each plate carrier can be upgraded to an independent and fully effective body protection element.

Most SK4 plates only meet protection class 4, when they are worn in front of a softballistic protective cover of protection class 1. A corresponding note can always be found on the hard ballistic plate. In order to achieve protection class 4 with a plate carrier, no matter what form and design, this type of softballistic insert is absolutely necessary. These ballistic inserts reach the US American Class IIIA, which is equivalent to German protection class 1.

These ballistic inserts are suitable for all types of protection systems that can already uptake SK4 ceramic plates. The price refers to an insert for the breastside and an insert for the back. The insert is inserted into a protective cover, which can be used together, if it is applied too much, you can also use the insert without this cover.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x SK1 Insert front
  • 1 x SK1 Insert back

Additional informations:

Lenghts: 320 mm
Width: 270mm
Thickness: 8mm
The weight for each insert is only approx. 680 grams.

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