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Soft ballistic neck protection insert NIJ Level 3A

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  • Soft ballistic SET for throat and neck
  • suitable for Zentauron protective vest and plate carrier
  • protection class NIJ Level IIIA 01.01.06

Exterior materialPolyamide
Protection class (NIJ)III A
ConstructionSoft ballistics

Ballistic neck and throat protection

This soft ballistics is for neck protection sheath, which can be mounted on protective vests and plate carriers. The ballistics are for protection of neuralgic points on the neck and throat. The SET consists of two inserts of protection class NIJ Level IIIA. These ballistics protect against ammunition from handguns.

The material used is aramid fabric UD fabric. The cover is welded waterproof and can be cleaned with a damp cloth if necessary. The pair weighs about 725 grams

You can attach the soft ballistic insert together with the cover to the Thor protective vest as well as to the Vulcan III plate carrier. The fit of the insert and the sleeve is designed in such a way that the mobility of the head is not restricted even when wearing a helmet.

These ballistic inserts are inserted into the sleeve of the ballistic neck protector. It should be noted that the labeled side of the insert, with the indication 'Here body side', faces the body. Otherwise, the full protective function of the insert is not guaranteed.

This softballistic reaches the US American protection class NIJ lvl IIIA, and is equivalent to the German protection class SK1.

Important notice:

The sale of these ballistics within Germany is only to commercial customers, authorities and members of authorities. The legitimation is done via an application for the authority discount.

This item is not discountable and excluded from exchange and return!

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Ballistic insert neck protection NIJ Level IIIA SET