MMS Flashbang Magazine Carrier 40 mm


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Breite (cm)10.0
Höhe (cm)16.0
Tiefe (cm)4.0
Volumen (Liter)0.0

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This module is designed for two 40mm grenades or flashbangs up to a diameter of 5 cm and a height of approx. 15 cm or similar large objects.

The back is covered with hook velcro and can be attached to all fleece velcro surfaces. Especially for this purpose, we have developed the Leg Subload Multi and the Duty Belt Adapter, which can also be used to secure these modules with a shear protection against loss. Here, the different magazine carriers or, for example, our trauma IFAK can be selectively attached as a subload or also to the duty belt. The main advantage of the MMS system (multi-mount system) is, that magazines of different weapon systems can be quickly replaced or can be exchanged in seconds between leg, hip and plate carrier (e.g. Vulcan II) and can be so adapted to the respective situation. Whether you're in a vehicle, shooting range or on-site, you can quickly switch to another / additional weapon system and reorganize your bags without having to remove your belt or vest.

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  • 1x MMS Flashbang Magazine Carrier 40 mm


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MMS Flashbang Magazine Carrier 40 mm

MMS Flashbang Magazine Carrier 40 mm



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