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Hard Ballistics PGD Stand Alone Berserker NIJ lvl IV SAPI CUT Pair

Protection Group DanmarkNew7.06 kg
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  • Hard ballistics tested to NIJ IV (7.62x63 M2 AP)
  • Stand-alone - No soft ballistics required
  • Weight of only 3.4 kg / 7.5 lbs
  • 25 mm thin
  • 10x12 inch (30x25 cm)
  • Single curved
  • SAPI cut

Width (cm)25.0
Height (cm)30.0
Protection class (NIJ)IV
Country of originDänemark

SAPI Hard Armor NIJ Level 4 Berserker - Ultimate protection for demanding missions.

The SAPI Hard Armor NIJ Level 4 Berserker plate from Zentauron provides you with the ultimate protection during tactical missions and demanding operations. With its hexagonal alumina ceramic impact surface and polyethylene backing, this plate is extremely durable against a variety of threats.

Multi-hit capability for maximum safety in combat.

The PGD Berserker plate is available from us in NIJ 4 protection class and offers multi-hit capability to stop multiple impacts. A thin layer of protective foam covers the front and edges of the plate to protect the ceramic from impacts. The model is ideally suited for Bundeswehr plate carriers of any type.

Robust protective cover and water repellent

The plate is encased in a new type of "heat sealed" water repellent cover. This cover keeps water, oil and other liquids away from the plate without affecting the ballistic properties.

Economical yet high quality

Why can the PGD Berserker plate be economical without compromising quality? We use AL203 ceramic, which is the heaviest type of ceramic. This creates a cost-effective and very stable solution without sacrificing quality.

The NIJ Level 4 Plate provides the same level of protection as other Class 3 or 4 plates, and the low price is a result of the slightly heavier weight of the materials compared to our other plates. This does not affect the protective effect.

In addition, soft ballistics are not required to use the PGD Berserker Plate. The plate has the authentic SAPI cut and allows unrestricted movement of the arms without touching the plate.

All-round protection without compromise

The PGD Berserker plate provides all-around protection specifically designed to protect you from impact at the edges. Unlike panels with foam edges that often have 2-4 cm at the edges, the PGD-Berserker panel has a textured design that avoids "false" security with up to 35% less protective surface.

Technical specifications of the PGD-Berserker plate according to NIJ Level 4:

The plate stops the following projectiles:

  • 1 shot 7.62x63 M2 AP (new level 4 according to 0101.06)
  • 6 shots 7.62x51 NATO, M80 (new level 3 after 0101.06)
  • 6 shots 7.62x39 MSC (AK47)
  • 6 shots 5.56x45 SS109 / M855 / M855A1

Plate specifications:

  • Tested according to NIJ IV (7.62x63 M2 AP)
  • Stand-alone - No soft ballistics required
  • Weight of only 3.4 kg / 7.5 lbs
  • 25 mm thin
  • 10x12 inches (30x25 cm)
  • Single curved
  • SAPI cut

The SAPI Hard Armor NIJ Level 4 Berserker Plate is the ideal choice for those who require maximum protection, reliability and freedom of movement. Whether for use in the Armed Forces or other tactical units, this plate sets a new standard for safety and comfort. Complete your tactical equipment with a safe alternative that can reliably protect you even in dicey situations

Important notice:

The sale of these ballistics is within Germany only to commercial customers, authorities and public officials. The legitimation is done by applying for the authorities discount.

This article is not discountable and excluded from exchange and return!

Scope of delivery

  • Hard Ballistics PGD Stand Alone Berserker NIJ lvl IV SAPI CUT Pair