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NIJ IV stand alone SET ( slanted)

Best ProtectionNew6.6 kg

  • Hard ballistic plate made of aluminum and polyethylene
  • suitable for all Vulcan plate carriers and other suitable carrying systems
  • SK4 without additional soft ballistics
  • beveled edges on the upper side

Width (cm)25.4
Height (cm)30.0
Protection class (NIJ)IV
ConstructionHard ballistics

The protection plate with chamfered edges on the upper side can be set in our Plate Carrier und Body Armor and all other suitable protective and support systems.

The hard protective insert fulfills the American protection class NIJ Level IV, this is corresponding to the German protection class SK4. This hard ballistic plate is made of aluminum and polyethylene. This protection class IV offers by protective vests a shot-resistant protection up to the caliber of .308 Winchester VMS (full metal jacket) / AP (hard core), up to a projectile speed of 830 m / s and a projectile weight of up to 9.75 g.

No additional soft ballistic inserts are needed to reach protection class 4. The protective plate can be inlayed directly into the plate-pocket. So the most important body parts are protected against large caliber bullets.

Additional Informations

  • Care instructions: Clean with a damp cloth

Important notice:

The sale of these ballistics within Germany is only to commercial customers, authorities and members of authorities. The legitimation is done via an application for the authority discount.

This item is not discountable and excluded from exchange and return!

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Set NIJ IV ceramic plate hard protection insert 10 "x 12" (1x backside - 1x front, both slanted)

Gregorie H 2022-02-05

Solid 10x12 armor plates

Fits the ares, vulcan 1,2 and 3 and basically any plate carrier sized for 10x12 plates.