ZENTAURON passes the sales tax reduction directly on to you

From 2020/06/01 to 202/12/31 the sales tax on our products will be reduced from 19% to 16%.
We will pass this reduction directly on to you during this period.

However, a 3% reduction of the tax rate does not reduce the sales price of a product by exactly 3%.

To avoid misunderstandings, here is a small calculation example to illustrate

The ZENTAURON plate carrier Vulcan III cost € 249 before the adjustment of the sales tax,
which, with 19 % sales tax, corresponds to a net price of:

€ 249 / 1,19 = € 209,24

The new sales price, based on the net price and the reduced sales tax of 16%, is

€ 209,24 * 1,16 = € 242,72

In effect, the price for you has been reduced from € 249 to € 242.72, a saving of more than 2.5%.

And of course this applies to our entire range.

Have fun saving and stay healthy !