The customer recommendation program of ZentauroN

The customer recommendation program of ZentauroN

If you would like to recommend us and at the same time deserve discount for your next order,is the customer recommendation program exactly the right thing for you. Your friends can also benefit in the form of discount.

You recommend our shop to a friend and get a coupon code worth 5% discount, when your friend places his first order in our online shop.
So that it is worthwhile for all, your friend also gets a 5% discount from us, because we do it in style.

Precondition to recommend us is that you have placed at least one order with us, so you can judge if we are really recommendable.

The procedure is explained in more detail below:

  1. Become a supporter

    You become a supporter as soon as you invite one or more friends.Just click on the link "Customer referral program" in your account. After that you are already on the "sponsor your friends" tab. The surname, first name and e-mail address of the friends are entered. Click on "Confirm" to send the e-mails to the specified friends.

    You can now recognize in your customer recommendation program that you have invited friends (tab "selected friends"). If you want, you can remind them of the recommendation by selecting the friends and clicking on "your friend(s)". The e-mail will be sent again with your recommendation.

  2. Friend registers himself

    After clicking on the link in the e-mail sent by you the recipient reaches the page of the user registration in our online shop. Once this form has been filled out, he will receive a second e-mail with a coupon code, which he can redeem in his next order.

  3. Friend will place order

    As soon as the new customer has placed his first order, you will receive an e-mail with your voucher code.

  4. 5% discount for you

    You can redeem the coupon code on your next order by simply placing it in the shopping basket.

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